Why Cs might be all you need to succeed in business

If there is something that has been demonstrated over and over again, it’s that a college or university degree does not necessarily translate into success in life. In fact, when you look at business moguls such as the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, it becomes more clear that sitting in a class and getting perfect grades is not the only way to achieving goals. These are the three most influential figures in technology worldwide, yet in the time that they started their multi-billion companies, they had dropped out of college.

There is a mentality ingrained in school systems that unless you get perfect grades, you’ll not make it. The opposite has been shown to be true. ‘C’ students who are labelled as average in school have turned out to be one of the most successful groups, especially in business. In fact, many ‘A’ students end up working for their counterparts who were considered less brilliant. Why is this? Below, find out why Cs might be all you need to succeed in business.

Why Cs might be all you need to succeed in business


Many average students in school usually have other things that draw their attention from academic pursuits. It could either be a favorite sport, a creative venture, an entrepreneurial passion or social activities. While top students put their entire focus on studies, these others divide their time and concentration. Passion is an important part of any business. An entrepreneur who has an in-born passion is bound to be resilient and work a way through the most difficult of times. Business is not a venture that can entirely depend on some set of written down rules, and C students know very well how to not adhere to a specific set of standards. This enables them to navigate the business world expertly, knowing where to strike and where to not.

Risk Taking

C students understand more than others that failure is part of the success process. They’re used to it, after getting Cs and Bs in school and not suffering meltdowns because they didn’t get straight As. They understand that in business, there are ups and downs. They know they have to make some decisions that may not always pan out the way they expect, but that does not keep them from taking risks. For any entrepreneurship venture to succeed, you have to take risks. Remaining in your comfort zone will keep you from reaching your full potential.

Why Cs might be all you need to succeed in business

Hard Work

Many C students have to put a lot of work in school to manage their average grades. After spending twelve or more years putting as much effort as possible to get something that comes easily to most A students, they know hard work is essential to get what they want. Business needs dedication and persistence, which they already have an idea about. They’ll put in the hours, push all the buttons they can and never give up until they get what they want. The fact that they’re aware good things don’t come easy also helps.

Basically, to be a great business person, it does not mean you need a business degree. The class and the market are two different worlds, and what you know about the latter is what will help you survive.