Pieces of advice we should all take from Mark Wahlberg

We all have celebrities or influential personalities that we all look up to and take advice from. Mark Wahlberg is that kind of personality. He is a prolific actor and film producer who for a long time has graced our screens with some very inspiring family setting based movies and the adrenaline rush kind of movies too. He has been featured in some really awesome movies like Ted 1&2, The Fighter, Instant Family, The Gambler, Shooter, Contraband and many more.

Pieces of advice we should all take from Mark Wahlberg

When he is not shooting some really good movies for us to binge-watch on, he is sharing his workout routines and the typical everyday diet that keeps him fit and healthy or better yet having a good time with his family. He is a family man who has been quoted severally on his role as a father and what inspires him to be even better. He has also featured in a number of commercials, and all these achievements make him one of the most looked upon personalities of this generation. Now, let us embark on some sane pieces of advice that we all can borrow from him:

Mark Wahlberg once said that he has always liked the idea of being in the health and wellness industry because of his belief in the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. This is evident in his workouts routines even when he isn’t doing it for a movie. He has always encouraged people to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

On family, Mark emphasizes on the need to put one’s family first before anything else and not to sideline it and let work and other issues take their spot. He has said before that his family always comes first and that he would go all the way to protect them if need be. He is all about spending quality time with his family and playing with his children. He admits that he likes it when he is into movie production because it gives him ample time to be with his family, compared to when he is away shooting movies in far locations.

Learning from mistakes. Mark admitted that he had a past he regretted having because of the several mistakes he made but with time, he learned to forgive himself when he started embracing good change from within himself and from other people. He admitted that with time the guilt went away and that now he goes to bed without any regrets.

Pieces of advice we should all take from Mark Wahlberg

Being prayerful and grateful for all he has accomplished. Mark doesn’t take lightly what he has been able to accomplish so far. He is honest about living a prayerful life and giving thanks to God every other day that he sees the morning light.

On talking to people, he likes it the traditional way which is face-to-face compared to emailing or texting stuff. This speaks volume because nowadays with all the technology of smartphones and social media applications, people have less time socializing physically and offering a listening ear. Says a lot about the many cases of depression that are on the rise today because it is hard to tell who you can confide in when faced with a problem.