Stock market companies with honorable values and goals

The stock market has a lot of companies worth billions of dollars. This is one of the best places for wealth investment. Other than enabling regular people to invest in large amounts, some of these stock market companies are more than cash cows.

They possess a deep sense of social and economic responsibility that goes beyond the desire to see their profits shoot through the ceiling. In the list below, we’ll look at some of the stock market companies with honorable values and goals. They’re also some of the largest publicly traded companies, and they have more than financial success to show.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group

When it was founded in 1999, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s main working point was creating connections between Chinese manufacturers and international buyers. With nearly half a billion active users over the last year, the Group has grown into an e-commerce giant in China. With a steadily rising stock price, the company is looking at a huge revenue increase this year.

Alibaba Group seeks to help small businesses to excel, and it acknowledges the fact that it’s the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and prioritizing customers’ need that have propelled its success and growth. The Group is keen on meeting the needs of merchants, enterprises and consumers who use their services. No matter how large the company grows, it has it a strong sense of values that enables it to maintain common company culture and community.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been making its mark in the healthcare industry for more than 130 years now, and remains to be one of the biggest innovators in the field. This company has consumer goods, medical devices and pharmaceuticals under its name, all generating great sales and good revenue.

This company does more than just providing services to customers. They’re actively invested in the health and well-being of people worldwide. The company supports a lot of programs in place and provide help towards preventing diseases in populations at high risk, saving and improving lives of women and children, and strengthening the healthcare workforce.

Johnson & Johnson is also committed to helping find solutions to major healthcare challenges worldwide, environmental protection and conservation of resources, and conducting business in ways that bring positive contribution to society. The company also supports employees who volunteer their resources and time to activities that support their communities, both local and global.

Apple, Inc.

Apple, Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the most successful and influential companies on the stock market. With a market value nearing a trillion dollars, it’s an investing giant. Other than being one of the top companies on the market, it also happens to be one with some of the strongest work and social values and ethics. This is a company that is keen on inclusion and diversity.

They believe tat everyone in their team is unique and has something different and important to offer the company, so they do not try to fit their employees in one fits-all box. Apple Inc acknowledges the fact that there’s strength in difference as it creates a pool of perspectives, ideas and experiences.

Their workforce represents underrepresented groups and minorities in percentages bigger than the national average, and these numbers continue to increase. The company believes everybody’s input is equally important, and leads the way for companies who have equalized salaries based on tasks and not gender, race or income background. It’s impossible for anyone to feel excluded at Apple, and that’s what makes it one of the most honorable companies in the world.