Tony Robbins, the King of Self Help – 5 Life Lessons

Tony Robbins is without doubt one of the greatest life coaches and philanthropists worldwide. He has been a powerful figure in the coaching circles ever since the release of his first infomercial, Personal Power, in 1988. His career that has now spanned four decades has helped millions of people worldwide live a more fulfilling, wealthier, healthier, passionate and purposeful life. Over the years, he has given countless self help lessons. Here, we’re going to look at 5 of his life lessons that have been instrumental in changing millions of lives.

Forget What Other People Think

A lot of people nowadays hold back from doing what they really love because of fear of what those around them think. Tony Robbins has a reputation of telling it like it is, and he has never changed his process despite of all the critics he has. From him, you learn that so long as what you do works for you the way you want it to, the rest is, basically, background noise. Paying too much attention to what everyone else thinks about stuff that only involve you will only hold you back from your greatest potential.

Tony Robbins, the King of Self Help – 5 Life Lessons

Act Now

How many goals have you set? When do you want to fulfill them? As humans, we’re in a habit of making goals, setting new year’s resolutions and then…forgetting that we need to put in effort for them to come true. According to Robbins, the best way to reach your goals and dreams is to starts chasing them right now. From the moment you decide you want something, you should already be working towards it. No matter how small your goal is, avoid procrastinating it’s fulfillment.

In Progress, You Find Happiness

Many people have the idea of a thing that they believe can make them happy. This seems to be a misconception because life itself is always changing. Happiness can therefore be found in adapting to life and moving forward. This gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose and in this, you find happiness. In this way you can be continually happy, instead of spending your entire life fixated on some idea of happiness.

Belief is Power

According to Robbins, your system of belief can either make or break you. What you believe in can pave way for many things in life including success, happiness, regret or failure. Your beliefs can motivate your way of action and thinking, and in many things this is all you need to achieve your goals.

Tony Robbins, the King of Self Help – 5 Life Lessons

Learn From Your Experiences

In his words, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

It couldn’t be much truer. Sometimes, people do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. If what you’ve been doing so far has not been working in your favor, that’s your cue to try something new, or a different way.

Tony Robbins’ lessons have proven useful in multiple aspects of life – whether discovering oneself, being successful in business or building strong relationships. Give him a try today if you haven’t yet and experience the transformation many others have.