Best jobs in the tech sector for non-tech people

The technology sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. With the rise in connectivity and processing power, the tech sector looks to be the best place for job security. But what if you know nothing about coding? What if you prefer to just use technology instead of knowing every little detail about how it is made?

The good news is that the tech sector still has plenty of openings for non-technologically minded people – and these are high paying positions too! Here are some of the areas you can look at in the tech sector that won’t send you spiraling down lines and lines of green code.

Best jobs in the tech sector for non-tech people


Sales representatives and managers have to know how to use a product in order to sell it to customers. It’s not often they rattle off version numbers and CPU specs to their potential customers – they’d put them to sleep! Instead, if they can tell the customer what the product can do for them and why they would want to buy it, they’re nailing their job description. So if you prefer to play with fancy gadgets but have no interest in the intricacies, then selling tech might be for you.

Human resources

Tech companies still need people to work. If your mind functions better on personal interaction than interaction through a screen, then get yourself into human resources in the tech sector as soon as possible. There you won’t even have to know about the latest model or anything like that, just keep the employees and employers happy and at peace with each other.

Marketing manager

As the marketing manager for a particular product, you’ll have various minions to sort out the technicalities about your product for you. Your job is simply to spread the news. You’ll also have to keep an eye on what it is that people want, which requires a focused eye and a receptive ear. Whether you’re into tech or not, these traits are all you need to be a marketing manager in the technology industry.


Say you did a law degree, but decided that you needed to join a rapidly expanding industry. The tech industry has just the spot for you! You know those long lists of terms and conditions that you never read and just accept anyway? Well someone wrote those. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you love spending your time drafting long documents and covering all the loopholes, then copywriting and technical writing could be for you.

Best jobs in the tech sector for non-tech people

Customer services

If your focus is more about keeping people happy, then you’ll fit right in at customer services, even in the tech industry. Remember that when customers are frustrated, they need an understanding ear to talk to. If you are a good listener and can make the customer feel appreciated, then your job is done. From there you can transfer them to the more technically minded people to sort out their hardware or software problem.


You don’t need intimate knowledge of the inside of a computer to make the outside look slick and attractive. The tech sector still needs designers to make their products look interesting. The more the industry grows, the more designers they need – and the best part is that no-one can program a computer to be creative, so you’ll be quite special.