How to be a good boss

Most workers shudder at the mention of their boss. Studies into workplace trends have shown that most workers loathe their places of work largely because of their boss. As a boss, you may be wondering whether you’re one of the ‘bad’ ones or one of the good ones who do not terrorrize the peace out of your workers. Many bosses find it hard to balance between being in control at the work place, laying down the rules and maintaining a warm working relationship with their workers. After all, you have to be professional in everything you do, and you don’t want your workers to slack.

You don’t have to be nasty to keep things in order and keep your workers happy to work for you, however. You don’t have to move mountains either. There are a few strategies you can incorporate into your day to day dealings that will keep your workers content. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your high work standards and still maintain a great relationship with your team. First, let’s look at some things you can do to be a good boss.

How to be a good boss

Walk the walk

Being a boss, it means that you’re also a leader because you make the way for your workers. As such, it’s important to display the kind of qualities that you expect to see in them. From punctuality to accountability, your workers will consider you a good boss if you can also do the things you expect them to.

Build trust

For any venture to work, all involved parties must have trust in each other. If your employees don’t trust you, there will be so much holding back at the place of work, leading to limited productivity. Ensure there are respectable and free communication channels in place so that your employees can trust you. Show interest in individual progress, give worthy feedback and when it comes to correction, do it privately and in a positive manner. With this, it’ll be easy for your team to feel safe and comfortable working for you.

Acknowledge good work

Employees work harder and develop more interest in their jobs when their productive endeavors are noticed and applauded. No one wants to work in a place where all they get are reprimands for unmet deadlines but nothing when they achieve something wonderful. When you show your workers that you appreciate their good work, they’ll feel good working for you. Dinners or bonuses can be a great way to acknowledge great workers, or even promotions.

How to be a good boss

So, what makes one a bad boss? Let’s now look at the things you have to avoid if you want to be a good boss.

Belittling your workers

Nobody feels good about being made to look bad in front of people, and especially in front of coworkers. If you find that one of your workers is not doing something as expected, call them to your office and discuss it in private. Making them look bad in front of their workers will otherwise make them loathe you.

Stay out of your employees’ hair

Well, yes, you’re the boss and it’s your duty to make sure that everyone is keeping up with company standards. There’s a difference between ensuring work is being done and lurking over your workers’ shoulders all the time and criticizing every step they make towards completing their tasks. Allow your workers space to breathe, show them that you trust their skills. Besides, lurking around their work stations all day will make them apprehensive and dampen their creativity and therefore their productivity.

With these measures, you’ll be on track to being a good boss.