Jobs that fit introverts

Although introverts are stereotypically very shy, soft-spoken and avoids social interaction at all cost, that isn’t strictly speaking true. Introverts possess some of the highest social and interpersonal skills that even sometimes exceed those of extroverts. However, unlike their more confident co-workers, who usually like working in a group setting, introverts enjoy having time to work individually. Initially, it might seem daunting to find a job as an introvert, but fear not, we have collected a few of the best-suited jobs that play to their strengths.

Behavioral Therapist

A behavioral therapist needs to be empathetic and willing to listen to a wide variety of different people. In this field, you can expect to work with patients who live with mental illnesses and disorders that can include but aren’t limited to depression, anxiety, and addiction. Along with this, you can also expect to work with people who have conditions like autism and ADD. This profession is all about listening and finding coping strategies for your patients.

Jobs that fit introverts


As an editor, you can expect to spend a lot of time working independently. However, you won’t be completely alone. You would probably be working with a group of other editors, depending on the company you work for. You would spend your day checking for grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors that have been missed by the original author.


Shh… no speaking. Librarians are all about keeping the library in order for visitors and users of the facility. They also help visitors find books and information, along with organizing and cataloging new books they might receive. Head librarians may have to also deal with managing the library’s budget and wages of other employees. Although this may seem like a very quiet role, it’s not always the case. The more confident librarians may get involved in reading groups and storytime!

Social Media Manager

This career path is all about planning, developing, more planning, and even more developing. You will be in charge of monitoring and analyzing performance and managing social activities. This role is often responsible for replying to followers’ queries, along with ensuring that everything is in order in the overall running of the profile.

IT Manager

IT is a very broad subject, that takes a lot of practice to get the hang of depending on the field. An IT manager can be doing anything from checking the security and operations of a companies software, to managing the technology budget.

Jobs that fit introverts

Graphic Designer

For the more creative introvert, a career in graphic design might be more your style. The role involves creating custom visuals for your clients and ensure they fit the requirements and appeal to your customer. You may be working on projects for websites, apps, and physical prints. Either way, for this role, you do need an arty eye in order to succeed.

Don’t let your introvert nature stop you from finding your perfect career. These are just a few jobs you could consider when trying to look for another career path. When looking for a new job, make sure you are looking for a position that best suits your attributes, abilities, and skills. It is important to really research potential companies and employers to check that their work style will meet your needs. Remember, a job shouldn’t make you uncomfortable, so check out the company and role before applying.