Seven small steps to improve your career growth

Feeling stuck in that career rut? We might not realize it, but our careers are our greatest assets. Add up all of those earnings over the years and the years to come and it’s astonishing to see how much money has passed through our bank accounts. So why not cultivate this asset and grow it to its full potential? These seven steps will help us do just that.

Have an expectations meeting with your boss

Finding out what our boss expects of us is the perfect way to broaden our position within the company. This helps us to find out what other tasks we can add to our job description. A boss would generally be impressed with this sort of “go-getter” attitude and would more than likely keep us in mind for the next promotion.

Seven small steps to improve your career growth

Do one kind act each day

Being liked is one of the best ways to get ahead in our careers, and nothing makes a person more likable than when they are kind. Doing one kind act a day will earn us good points with colleagues and management. Simple things like filling in for a sick colleague, remembering a birthday, or even giving someone the better parking spot will leave a lasting impression.

Use LinkedIn to your advantage

LinkedIn is an underrated tool for our careers. It lets people know that we are out there and lets them know exactly what we can do. Many top companies will hunt for new employees on this platform, so expand those connections. Even adding just one new connection on LinkedIn per day will make a big impact on the connection circle.

Hit the gym

It’s a proven fact that we perform at our best when we are healthy. Exercise is also renowned for lowering stress levels and helping to clear the mind, which will have major benefits on our working abilities. Healthier people are also generally happier, according to some studies, and the healthier we are, the less we will spend on medical bills, so that’s a win-win!

Read more

Reading or listening to Ebooks that have a connection to our careers is the perfect way to keep up to date with the different strategies, techniques, and technologies that revolve around our jobs. Self-help and personal finance pieces are also a great read and will help to keep us motivated.

Seven small steps to improve your career growth

Review your methods for completing tasks

Planning ahead is crucial to any career. Deadlines and large projects need to be broken down into bite-size chunks that are easy to manage and complete. Planning appropriately will also remove the anxiety that can be associated with large projects. Review the methods being used and make the necessary changes to bring about the best workflow possible.

Keep track of your accomplishments

Keep that resume up to date monthly. Too often we forget to do this and have to sift through old paperwork to remember those figures and outcomes of projects. Keeping the resume up to date at all times will eliminate this hassle. Plus, we never know when we might be headhunted for a great position.

Following these seven simple tasks could have anyone on the path to making an extra $1 million or more over the course of their career. Always remember that you are not a tree, there are no roots holding you down to anything.