What to do about silence after a job interview

Applying for a job can be nerve-wracking to say the least and when they go radio silence on you it definitely does not help calm matters down. This article will give you some insight into the reason why they are giving you the silent treatment and what to potentially expect from them.

A few things to remember

Just remember to give yourself a pat on the back and recognize that you gave it your all for this interview. Do not be over critical and make yourself feel worse than you are probably already feeling. Consider moving on, applying to new companies, or going for new interviews. It does not help waiting around and putting all your eggs into one basket. You need to take action and keep taking action until you get results!

What to do about silence after a job interview

The worst-case scenario

Unfortunately, the reality could be that you did not get the job and that they either have not let you know as of yet or they decided to just ghost you. Many companies get an influx of applicants for job offers once they open a position up. They tend not to let the candidates know if they have failed the interview as they find it time-consuming. This might leave a bitter taste in your mouth but just remember that you will find a company that is looking for your particular skill set and perhaps this company just found someone more suited to their needs.

They are still in the process of interviewing

It could be that they are still busy interviewing different individuals or compiling feedback from the interviews of all of the candidates. These things take time and they might not have come to a decision as of yet. Just be patient and give it a little bit more time while they go through their motions.

The position does not exist anymore

It is possible that they decided not to hire anyone for whatever reason. It could potentially be due to low funds or budget cuts, or perhaps they decided to split the work amongst the people already working there.

Do not expect feedback

Even if a company reaches out to you and tells you that you did not get the job, they most likely will not tell you the reason for not getting the job. This mostly has to do with them being nervous about the candidates taking legal action against them, so it is best for the company to rather keep quiet. You can try to enquire about why you did not get the job, but they will most likely not give you a very tangible answer.

What to do about silence after a job interview

There is no real reason why

Sometimes you do not do anything wrong that could discredit you as a potential employee, but you also do not stand out. Perhaps you just lacked that one factor that would have resulted in you acing the interview and eventually getting the job. This puts an employer in an odd situation because you did nothing wrong but also did not get the job. Many employers simply decide to keep quiet and stick to the “silence is golden” rule, even though it is very upsetting for the candidates that underwent the interview.