Things you probably shouldn’t do in the workplace

When we first enter the working world, it can be a bit of an adjustment from what we were used to at school. All of a sudden we’re responsible for ourselves, and don’t have any teachers telling us what we can and cannot do. Of course, there are some rules and guidelines usually set out by certain workplaces, but they won’t cover everything. If you’re wondering what you should never do at work, then these are just some of the no-nos!


Nobody likes an office gossip! Sure, you might have people coming to you to ask “What’s new,” but it will earn you a reputation. Plus, the people coming to you for gossip will be the first ones to talk behind your back. Spreading gossip around the office can hurt people’s’ feelings and cause rifts or cliques. Some workplaces also have a ban on any gossip in their handbooks! At the end of the day, it could be considered bullying, so just don’t do it.

Things you probably shouldn’t do in the workplace

Distract people

There’s nothing wrong with liking a little bit of a chat over lunch, but don’t be the person who is continuously distracting other people. Everyone is there to do a job, and they probably won’t appreciate you taking their attention away from that. It’s okay to be chatty at specific points through the day but read the social cues. If people are just smiling and nodding, then they probably want to be left to it.

Date colleagues

We’re going to put this in here, but we know it’s not going to stop some of you! Some workplaces will have a total ban on dating others in the same company, and there’s a good reason for that. The last thing you want is for it all to go horribly wrong, only to then have to see (and work with) them for the rest of your time in that job. It’s also another thing that may form cliques, as people will take sides if you do break up. It’s best to find a lover outside of the office!

Eat smelly food

Your grandma may make the best fish curry in the world, but the whole office doesn’t want to have to smell that when they’re tucking into their ham sandwiches. It’s one of those unwritten rules that people won’t call you out for, but they’ll be secretly cursing your name under their breaths when you bring in yet another egg salad. Leave the smelly food for the comfort of your own home.

Things you probably shouldn’t do in the workplace

Steal other people’s food or drink

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you may have come across some hilarious stories of people stealing colleagues’ food or drink from the office refrigerator. While it might make for a funny story online, it certainly won’t make you any friends. Don’t just “borrow” some milk for your coffee without asking – and definitely don’t tuck into someone else’s Oreos. People are precious about their food (rightly so), and this is bound to cause arguments if you even consider it.

These may seem like common sense to some, but there are still so many people who break these workplace rules. Sandra, we’re looking at you. Just because it isn’t written in the employee handbook, doesn’t mean it’s not a rule. Unspoken, unwritten, and probably unforgivable too!