Things to think about when applying for a new job

Applying for a new job can be a daunting new step, but often necessary. When searching for your next employer, there’s plenty of things you should be taking into consideration, and we’re not just talking about how much money you’ll be earning either.

So much of our time is spent at work, so it’s important that you think about various different things which could affect your happiness, success and your future. Here are some of the things we think are crucial for you to think about.

Things to think about when applying for a new job

The benefits

The benefits of your overall salary doesn’t just depend on your general pay. There are many other financial advantages that you can get from your employer. This includes insurance payouts, retirement contributions, holiday pay, bonuses, etc. Before you sign the contract or even before you apply, always check to see what perks are offered. They can make a whole lot of difference!

Growth and educational opportunities

If you’re looking to get into a job that you stay at long-term, ensure you look into the growth trajectory that your job role offers. What promotions are there? Will you be offered a senior role over time? Are there any horizontal opportunities for you to learn new skills in another department? An employer may also offer you educational opportunities too such as scholarships for qualifications or certifications. All of these are important to consider for your future career growth.

The location and hours

Most jobs are 9-5, but if you are working shifts, then it’s good to negotiate beforehand with your employer what hours are right for you. The location of your job is also important as traveling to and from work can be a tricky part of the day, especially if you will be commuting during rush hours – no one wants to be unnecessarily spending precious hours out of their day sitting in traffic or on a packed train.

The people

Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your coworkers, so it’s always a good idea to take notice of the personalities you encounter. Are they similar to you? Do you think you will get along with them well? Having positive peers around you at work is important not only for your success, but for your happiness. You want an employer who seems supportive, forward-looking, and kind.

Things to think about when applying for a new job

The office culture

It’s not just the people themselves who make the office what it is. The company itself will have its own vibe, values, and office environment that can make a real difference to your day to day life. If you get an interview, make sure you keep an eye out for what kind of office they have. Is it chilled? Formal? It’s also a good idea to ask what kind of team events they have or the targets you have to meet.

The company itself

You should never trust an employer straight away. Always do your research on the history of the company and see how they have come about as a business. It’s also a good idea to check out if they have won any awards too! Make sure it’s a good risk worth taking.

Finding the right job for you doesn’t need to be a difficult task! Weigh up the pros and cons and make sure you take your own personal needs into account. Good luck!