When is it time to consider a career change?

Nothing is more rewarding than being in a career that fulfills your life’s purpose. On the other hand, it can be very tiring to face a career every day that just feels like it’s going nowhere and accomplishes nothing. The truth is no career is stress-free and without problems. But some careers are more suited to certain individuals than others. So here are some of the signs that you might be in the wrong career and that it’s time to start thinking about a change.

When is it time to consider a career change?

Your body is starting to show the strain

If your body is having aches and pains, especially when trying to get out of bed, it’s taking some strain from your work. Other signs include just dropping down when you get home with very little ability to get up or getting sick more often than usual.

Your mind doesn’t stop

If negative thoughts about your work occupy your mind throughout the day, wondering if there is a point to what you are doing or if you should be on another path, your mind is trying to tell you that you need to change. It’s not healthy for these thoughts to keep you up at night, so it might be time to do something about it.

Your confidence takes a hit

One of the biggest manifestations of someone who is unhappy in their career is that they blame themselves. Feeling like you can achieve nothing and have no impact in your career is a telltale sign that the fit is not right.

Money is the only reason to stay

If you’re doing some soul-searching and thinking about the reasons why you stay and the only thing is that the job brings in money, your connection to that career is hanging on by its fingernails. If you think about it, staying in your career just to serve money isn’t exactly the way to happiness – not for anyone.

You turn to self-medication

This is a dangerous sign that your career is negatively impacting you. If you require pills, anxiety meds, or antidepressants just to get through the workday, then you are addressing the symptoms and not the root of the problem. Other dangerous habits like meaningless shopping compulsions or vices to cover up the problems are just as bad.

When is it time to consider a career change?

You put on an act

Do you notice a stark difference between how you behave at work and at home? This means that you are trying to be somebody else at work, and being disingenuous to yourself. Remember that a job is only a part of you and should not define you.

You dread the future

If you fantasize about moving forward in this career and the idea makes you to retch and squirm, it’s a sign that you’re on the wrong path. It means you need to envision yourself in a career where you are happy with moving forward and up a level.

You don’t like to talk about your career

Do you hate it when people ask you about what it is you do? If talking about your job makes you uncomfortable, it means that you don’t want to think of it more than necessary. This is quite a telling sign that you are not happy in your career and that it’s time to think of a change.