Work-life balance tips that reduce stress

Let’s be honest; human existence really is just one big roller coaster. Although most of us would just love to escape to a different country and enjoy what the world has to offer, you can’t do that without having to work. In fact, you can’t do a huge amount without working, which is why most people head to their office, their construction site, their store, or another place of work every single day to earn their dollars. However, people can often get so caught up in working, meeting deadlines, and earning money that they leave little time for themselves. This often leaves them feeling stressed.

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Set your own boundaries

When there’s work to be done, some people just can’t leave until that work is done. While this is the trait of a perfectionist who can’t leave an unfinished product, this can actually be detrimental to your health. When you start early and finish late, when do you ever have time for yourself? It’s important to set your own boundaries when it comes to your work life, which means that you may often have to leave work until the next morning. Tell yourself that you are only working a set number of hours, and then don’t let yourself go over – no matter how much you want to.

Practice self care

Although you may often feel as though you’re working for yourself, it’s important to note that you’re working for the bigger picture, and that this bigger picture doesn’t cater to your specific needs. When you become stressed by how much you are working, it can have a knock-on effect on many aspects of your life. It may be that you become physically ill, it may be that your personal life suffers, and it may be that your relationships dwindle. So, it’s important to practice self-care when you can, by doing something that means a lot to you. This could be having a bath in the evening, or it could be a 10-minute mindfulness session before bed.

Photo: BURST

Switch off completely

If you’re the kind of person that receives work emails and assignments on their phone, this means that you never get a chance to get away from work. Even when you’re not in the office, you are thinking about work every time you receive these notifications, and you are being pulled away from the real world. To combat this, you should just switch off completely. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your phone, but it means getting rid of certain apps and removing certain email addresses from your mail applications. By doing this, you can give yourself time to focus on being in your own world, and not your work world. This is important to maintain your own mental and physical health, and to create a divide between your work life and your actual life.

Do you find yourself getting overly stressed at work? Do you find that you practically live at the office? It may be that you have to focus on these work-life balance tips and really work on how you can live in the present rather than live for your career. While a career and money is important, so is your own wellbeing. So, give yourself time to just be yourself.