7 traditions you should start with your friends

We’re not sure about you, but our family traditions are pretty weird. So weird that we couldn’t even explain them to you if we tried. We do however have a pretty awesome group of friends that feel like family, with the added bonus that we can start our own traditions, and they don’t have to be quite so bizarre! Make up for that questionably Christmas tradition that your parents still make you do by incorporating these fun traditions into your friendship group.

Summer weekend trips

Organizing a huge vacation is not always possible, due to money, work, and general life. So instead, commit to an annual weekend getaway with your besties. You could make sure that it’s always the same weekend, or the same venue every year, or you could make a pact to try somewhere new each time. Rent an Airbnb and enjoy a weekend of pampering, gossiping and drinking wine. It’ll be the perfect way to catch up every year, irrespective of where life takes you all.

Themed movie nights

A movie night is always a lot of fun, but take it over the top by theming the whole evening to the film. If you are doing a Harry Potter film, for example, dress up as the characters, create themed potion cocktails and make magical snacks! Get everyone to bring snacks and drinks and take it in turns to host to spread the cost out.

Wine glass gift club

For a really fun birthday tradition find the most extra wine glass you can, and get it for the birthday girl. You could all pitch in and get one really special one as an aside to your other gifts, or each of you get her a different one. Each year you could change the gift to a mug, or a book, and collaborate your gift ideas to see the craziest or best offerings you can find.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Channel your inner Leslie Knope and make February 13th the most wonderful celebration of girl-power with Galentine’s Day. Go for brunch and swap soppy cards with your favorite girls. Head to the spa or enjoy a dance party to your favorite female artists.

New food Friday

If you are a group who get food together a lot, make it a tradition to try somewhere new on a Friday, rather than ending up at your regular haunt. You could mix this up with trying new recipes together, especially if you are housemates too. You might find some new favorites, or at the very least you will get to experience new things.

Start a series together

Whether it’s something brand new like the Good Place on Netflix, or re-runs of Will and Grace, make it a tradition to either only watch episodes together, or if you are in different cities, to watch them at the same time and text each other your thoughts as the show happens.

Road trip!

Organize a road trip where you full the car with snacks, good music and a sense of adventure. You could make a set trip, perhaps to visit another friend who has moved further away, or just a random trip to see some of the weirder landmarks in your state. Make sure you share the driving!

There are so many fun things you can incorporate into traditions with your friends. Choose a few and start organizing them now, to continue forever.