Things you should avoid doing at restaurants

We all have our own ideas about what acceptable restaurant etiquette is, and this is often different depending on who you are, and what values you have. There are loads of different things that people can do in a restaurant that can get on the nerves of other diners. These are some of the most annoying gaffes people make in restaurants – make sure you do what you can to avoid these where possible.

Snapping your fingers at the waiter

Now, it should go without saying that this is the height of rudeness, and yet still people persist in doing it to get their server’s attention. Can you imagine if somebody clicked their fingers at you in order to get your attention? Never, ever do this, unless you want to anger your waiter/waitress, and annoy the other diners. Instead, always be polite and courteous to whoever is serving you, and remember to tip your waiter or waitress at the end of the night.

Talking with your mouth full

This is a lesson that would (should) have been drilled into you from a young age and something that is incredibly important to remember. You need to have manners these days, and not speaking with your mouth full is one of the biggest things to remember. There are so many things wrong with doing this, but the main issue is that it’s rude, and, quite frankly, a bit gross as well. Keep your mouth closed when you’re eating, and wait until you’ve swallowed before you decide to have your say.

Things you should avoid doing at restaurants

Being too loud

This is one that we generally fall foul of when we’re tourists. Going abroad on vacation is the perfect time to enjoy some relaxation and indulgence. Because you’re excited you’re just focused on having a great time, and it’s easy to forget that you could be having a conversation at an unusually loud volume. This is very antisocial, and a big way of annoying the rest of the diners in the restaurant; where possible, try to make sure you regulate your tone when talking to the people at your table.

Blowing your nose

Anything that relates to bodily fluids in any way should be kept away from the table where possible. We understand you might get the urge to unblock or blow your nose because it will help you enjoy your meal better, but it can also be pretty disgusting for other diners. If you need to do this, excuse yourself and head for the bathroom, where you can unblock to your heart’s content – don’t forget to wash your hands though!

Things you should avoid doing at restaurants

These are just some of the most annoying and unpleasant restaurant gaffes that can really put other diner’s backs up. Try to make sure you avoid all of these faux pas, and that you treat the dining experience with the respect it deserves. If you can avoid these things, you will certainly have a much more pleasant and enjoyable meal out. Please, don’t be that rude guest that everyone just keep on staring at.