Who is better – Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy and Jimmy. You know the names, you know the shows. Fallon and Kimmel are the two darlings of the late-night US talk show scene. Both from New York, the two talk-show heavyweights have been active since the 1990s. Starting life as comedians in the blossoming New York scene, these two have gone on to enjoy a huge amount of success in the world of television, Fallon with The Tonight Show, and Kimmel with Jimmy Kimmel Live! You may well have seen both shows, and you’ll almost certainly have seen at least one.

Now, who is better out of the two Jimmys is often a subject of debate. And, naturally, it’s completely subjective – hell, you may even have your own personal favorite. So, we’re going to take a look at the two stars, and their careers, and try to determine who is better. It will be a barrel of laughs we’ve no doubt, so, who is better?

They’re social media kings

Both the Jimmys have made ample use of social media – the albatross around so many celebrity necks. Both of them have used the social media platform highly effectively and in different ways. Kimmel got celebs to read aloud the mean things people Tweeted about them, set to the backdrop of R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts. Fallon fronted a mock Beatles act, and, dressed like John Lennon, implored people to follow the Beatles on Instagram. Clever, witty, and a modern social commentary – but we just give the edge to Kimmel.

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Oh Canada

Americans love to have back and forth with Canada, and, some of the funniest Canada-based setups were spearheaded by the two Jimmys. In one show Kimmel invited then Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford onto his show with much hilarity. Fallon chose to fill in for Neil Young during a Crosby, Stills & Nash cover of Fancy by Iggy Azalea. Both these instances were hysterical and memorable, but, for the singing aspect, we have to give Fallon the win on this one.

Both of them can belt out a tune

Being comedians and talk-show hosts, it stands to reason that other parts of the performing arts would come naturally to these two. Both have performed numerous skits involving singing, with Kimmel recently teaming up with Hollywood star Ben Affleck. But, we just have to give it to Fallon here due to his slightly better voice, and the fact that he often does sketches where he will do impressions of rock or popstars. Very funny, and, he’s actually pretty talented in a vocal sense as well.


Repeat features

We love the repeat features that both Jimmys offer; in fact, they are a large part of the reason why we tune in every week. Kimmel offers the wonderful YouTube Challenge segment, while Fallon has the iconic Lip Sync Battles. Both of these are awesome, and they really depend on your personal preference, and what you look for in late-night entertainment. Personally, we have to say, we feel like Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle is a little more fun and enjoyable, so we have to give him the edge there.

Overall, whichever of the Jimmys you choose to go with, it will be whatever your personal preference is. As for us, we feel like we would just about give the edge to Jimmy Fallon. We love both Jimmys, and would be happy to watch either show, but, given a choice we would just about go with Jimmy Fallon.