Coffee vs. tea: The health benefits and drawbacks of both

The world runs on two beverages after water — tea and coffee. While; while water is still great option for the rest of your day most people cannot even think of starting the day without their morning cup of tea or coffee, since in most cases It is all you need to wake you up for the day.

With a consumption history that dates back centuries, both tea and coffee have become a go-to drink for every household. Some consumers even swear by their health benefits, especially in cancer treatment and disease prevention. Groups all over the globe have divided themselves to to coffee vs tea lovers. But are these benefits real? Perhaps not completely. Tea and coffee have both pros and cons, which are enumerated as follows. So let’s compare coffee vs. tea: The health benefits and drawbacks of both.

Coffee vs. tea: The health benefits and drawbacks of both

Health benefits – Tea

Tea is rich in antioxidants, which are believed to fight inflammation and the hardening of blood vessels. As such, the beverage is thought to reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke by a considerable amount. The antioxidant content of tea is also believed to boost brain health. The drink has been studied extensively, and researchers have examined its effectiveness in preventing age-related memory decline. Regular tea drinkers are seen to experience slower bone loss and have higher bone density.
Tea has cancer-fighting compounds like polyphenols, which work well in preventing cancer. At the same time, regular tea drinkers are also reported to live longer than those who don’t drink tea at all.

Health benefits – Coffee

Coffee has caffeine in it, an ingredient that keeps you awake. The caffeine content in coffee is higher than tea, which is why many night owls drink it to meet their project deadlines or schoolwork for the next day. Coffee is known to elevate your mood and cure headaches caused by sleep-deprivation. The antioxidants present in the coffee can reportedly help fight liver disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Potential harms – Tea

Tea contains tannins, compounds which tend to reduce the absorption of iron by your body. This prevents you from getting the benefits of plant-based iron. Drinking too much tea can stain your teeth, causing a thin film to form over your enamel.
Although lower than coffee, the caffeine in tea may cause some degree of sleeplessness in several parts of human society.

Coffee vs. tea: The health benefits and drawbacks of both

Potential harms – Coffee

Unfiltered coffee is linked to high cholesterol levels. Some coffee-drinkers may also face digestive issues owing to the highly acidic nature of coffee. Research has shown that drinking too much coffee reduces blood flow to the heart.Too much coffee is linked to insomnia, which is again related to stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

While we haven’t been able to reach a final decision, we did however got several new insights on the subject. Since like everything in the world,  too much of everything is bad, and you should consume both beverages in a controlled fashion to keep the ill effects at bay.