What do dreams about spiders mean?

Our dreams are a window into our subconscious, according to Sigmund Freud. You might find that if you’ve had a particularly stressful day, you find yourself embroiled in some particularly stressful dreams (or nightmares). If you’re worried about an upcoming exam or looking forward to a vacation, your dreams may reflect your emotions. If you’re anything like us, you’ll wake up wondering what on earth that last dream meant. One of the most common dream themes involves spiders… But have you ever wondered what these creepy crawlies are doing in your subconscious? Here are what dreams about spiders mean.

Check your relationships

Spiders make webs to trap their victims, right? So seeing a spider in your dream could indicate that you are caught in someone’s web. Perhaps someone is playing or manipulating you… It might be time to check your relationships. Are you in a manipulative relationship? Has someone trapped you in their web? While this may be quite a daunting thing to consider, it is never too late to untangle that web. Take a moment to step back and consider that relationship you’re in.

Feeling like an outsider

There’s no denying that spiders aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite creature – very few people have a load of pet spiders they cuddle and take out on walks. If you dream about spiders, it could mean that you’re feeling like an outsider. Like the spider that nobody wants to pet! Perhaps you’re in a situation that makes you feel less involved? It might be time to take stock and see what (or who) is making you feel like an outsider. You may need to put yourself out there a little more, to stop this becoming a bigger issue.


Strangely enough, spiders in dreams can often represent our mothers or another important, female figure in our lives. Is there a woman in your life who is dominant or in charge? If so, your dream could be telling you something about them. According to many dream dictionaries, spiders are symbolic of strong, feminine energy, so consider who that could be about. Your mom, your sister, your best friend, or even yourself… Are these people in control of you? What is the spider doing in the dream? Is it watching over you in a loving way or controlling your life?

Inner creativity

Some of these interpretations can seem a little dark and miserable, but seeing a spider in your dream isn’t always a bad thing! These creepy crawlies and their webs can also indicate different parts of your life weaving together, much like a spider’s web. Spiders can indicate an inner creativity that you might not have considered before, or the feeling as though you need to pull certain aspects of your life together. If you have a few projects that need to be weaved into one, consider this your subconscious letting you know that now is the time to put those projects into action!

The next time you dream about spiders, don’t recoil and instantly think that something bad is on the cards. Spiders can mean a lot of different things, but they certainly point towards a change in your life. Whether it’s getting rid of someone manipulative in your life, making yourself feel less of an outsider, channeling your strong, feminine energy or weaving projects together, listen to the spider and take action.