Easy meals to make and take on the go

Many people have little to no time to cook meals for themselves because they are busy with school, work, and many other daily responsibilities. As a result of this, people resort to eating a lot of their food at fast food restaurants. This food costs more and is less healthy for you, too. However, eating healthy makes you more productive. Here are some quick and easy meals that you can make in little to no time and bring with you .


Eggs are super quick, easy, and delicious meals that you can make in the morning. All you have to do is crack them open, put whatever you want in them, and cook them. Some great things that you can add to the eggs to make them even more flavorful are salt, pepper, and cheese. You can also put bread around it to make it a sandwich, or throw in some veggies. Eggs are high in protein so they make a healthy meal.


Salad is one of the easiest and quickest foods to make. When you make a salad, you can customize it however you like. All you need to make salad are your favorite vegetables. Then, you can season it with whatever you like, such as vinegar, salt, pepper, oil, and onions. Add in some cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and even meats like chicken or turkey for more protein. Salads are very healthy because they are super low in calories. You can also get many nutrients from the different vegetables and add-ons that you put in it.

Beans on Toast

Beans on toast is as simple as you think it is. What can be quicker than taking a can of beans and plopping it on some toasted bread? This may not sound like the most appetizing meal, but in a real rush, this meal can come in handy. A good way of making this is toasting two thin slices of bread while you take the beans out of the can. Then you make a sandwich with the beans in the middle of the bread. Now, you can wrap it up and bring it with you to eat on your commute.


All you need to make a flavorful smoothie is a blender. Anything that you have at home can be used to make a smoothie. If you are feeling really healthy, you can make a vegetable smoothie. Fruit smoothies are also delicious and healthy choices. Many ingredients work in smoothies – for example, you can use pretty much any fruit or vegetable that you enjoy, milk, nuts, yogurt, and seeds. You can also put ice inside to make your smoothie cold and frosty. The best part about smoothies is that you can simply put them in a travel tumbler or bottle and bring them with you anywhere.

These meal ideas offer you a healthier and cheaper alternative to all of that fast food we all tend to eat when we’re busy. You’ll feel great and you will also save money.