Famous people who got a late start to their careers

Believe it or not, but there are several famous people who got a late start to their careers. That’s right; while the rest of the world might make it seem as though we need to have our lives in order by day dot, it looks as though there might be time to think after all.

J. K. Rowling

The Harry Potter franchise is one that many of us have fallen for over the years. However, the books almost didn’t make it to print. Rowling was struggling financially at the time but managed to land her grand deal at 32 years old which ultimately saw her become a billionaire.

Famous people who got a late start to their careers

Vera Wang

Many of us have heard of the legendary fashion designer as her work now appears on catwalks all around the world. However, Vera Wang was busy building a career as a journalist and figure skater until she was 40 years old. It was only then that Vera turned her hand to the fashion industry instead.

Henry Ford

The man behind one of the most popular brands of cars wasn’t always the huge name that he is today. In fact, Henry Ford was 45 when he finally released his first car, the Model T. This paved the way for an entire business, and it wasn’t long before The Ford Motor Company was born.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has been one of the leading names in science for many years. However, it took many years of hard work and research until Charles became a household name. He was 50 years old when he published The Origin of Species, but it still took many years for people to accept his thoughts.

Ray Kroc

This might not be a name that all of us recognize, but Ray Kroc was the man behind McDonald’s – almost. The McDonald brothers were looking for help to expand their business when they struck a deal with Ray. It took until he was 59 years old for Ray to own the company outright.

Colonel Harland Sanders

Another name in the fast food business is Colonel Sanders. Throughout his life, Harland worked as an insurance agent, a ferry operator, a gas station operator, and even a country lawyer. That was until he began to sell chicken from a food stand at the side of the road before founding KFC at 62 years old.

Famous people who got a late start to their careers


Harrison Ford

This actor is now a huge name all around the world, but would you believe that Harrison Ford was 35 years old when he landed his first acting role? Yes, he was working as a self-taught carpenter and struggling to find work before Harrison was handed the ultimate break by George Lucas.

Although it might seem as though time is running by, these famous people who got a late start at their career just go to prove that there are always plenty more years to come when building our dream lives. It might take some hard work, but don’t good things always come to those who wait?