London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs

London is filled with the world’s richest people, and if you want to own any property in the UK’s capital, you’d better make sure you’ve got deep pockets. The city is brimming with culture and celebrity hangouts, but some places are tougher to get into than others. It’s not just the celebs who have their own spots, in fact, but the social elite classes have theirs too, and some are even fit for the royals. With that in mind, here are London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs.

Mortimer House

There are some clubs where money can buy your way in, and one of those is Mortimer House in Fitzrovia. The six-story building has been designed with professional networking in mind, and it comes with plenty of perks, such as private meeting rooms.

There is also a gym and frequent events for members to enjoy, but for some, joining alone is going to break the bank. The club’s admission fee is $7,816 – per year! On top of that, new members must pay a $326 joining fee. This private members’ club is exclusive to only those who can afford it, which rules the out majority of people.

White’s, St. James

Okay, this really is an exclusive club because right off the bat it excludes half of the world’s population. Yep, that’s right, it’s only available to men. Not just any old guys are admitted, though – they have to be of a certain stock.

For instance, Prince William, former prime minister David Cameron, and the Duke of Wellington have all been members at one time or another. They don’t even have a website, and it has been reported the only way to gain access is for 35 existing members to give written consent for you to join.

5 Hertford Street, Mayfair

The district in London known as Mayfair is filled with billionaires and swanky nightclubs. And no private members’ club is swankier than 5 Hertford Street. They don’t even disclose how much it costs to become a member, and you know the old rule – if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

Even though celebrities have been known to hang out there, money alone won’t get your foot in the door. It has been rumored that some billionaires are still trying to get in, but it’s a firm no from the people who run the place.

The Ned, Bank

Locked behind a vault in the middle of London is an exclusive members’ club that you might need to rob a bank to be able to join. The Ned’s admission fee is $4,103 yearly, and you’ll have to cough up another $1,303 just to join. Once you’re in, though, the benefits are amazing.

Members at The Ned have access to their very own spa, gym, and Turkish baths. There are also over 200 bedrooms here, so the exclusive club is basically a hotel. You’ll be transported to the past thanks to the art deco styling from the 1920s, and there is a 20-ton vault door hiding London’s most exclusive bar.

If you’re thinking of paying London a visit, you’ll need to bring some serious cash, or make some fast connections, to join these clubs. With money being no object for their members, they are the most exclusive private members’ clubs in the city – and possibly the world.