Signs that you need a Tinder timeout

Ah, Tinder. It’s like a strange handheld game, where the objective is to find love – or at least something close. We make snap judgments based on the little information we can gather from a few selfies and a short bio, and swipe a potential romantic conquest in or out of our lives casually. It’s a weird concept, but strangely addictive. However, when do you know that it’s time to take a Tinder time out?

Everyone is a disappointment

Research has shown that the way we rate people before meeting them, makes them seem less attractive in real life. The more disappointment you have on Tinder dates, the pickier you will be and the fewer chances you will find the right one. There is also a chance that you will get dating app burn out, where you struggle to appreciate or focus on the person in front of you because you are already wondering if there is someone better on the app. This means you may miss out on real connections.

Tinder feels like a job

If you find yourself feeling obliged to log on and check your matches, almost as if it is a commitment that you have found yourself being forced to do, that’s a sign you need a break. It is supposed to be fun, not like slogging through options, almost as if you are searching for jobs. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or demotivated, taking a break, or at least cutting down on time spent on the app can help you. Remember, there are other ways to find love!

All your dates blend into one

If you are going on dates and barely remembering anything about the person or the date itself, then perhaps it is time to slow down a little and give yourself a timeout. This isn’t speed dating, and if you don’t give anyone a proper chance before moving on to the next potential partner, you will never find a relationship. If you’re already swiping as soon as you’ve had a date – or even worse, during the date – you aren’t giving anyone the chance to form a connection.

You are squeezing in more than one date a day

If you are not exclusive with anyone, there is nothing at all wrong with dating multiple people, however, don’t double book yourself or go from one date straight to another. This means that you will be just going through the motions and not giving yourself any chance to reflect on the date. It’s not a competition to see how many dates you can go on, and the quality is much more important than the quantity.

You’re swiping with reckless abandon

Don’t be too quick to say no to someone without really considering their profile. You might miss something cool that would make you both a good match. That said, don’t just swipe right on anyone vaguely attractive without seeing what they are about. You might miss some non-negotiable issues, or red flags because you were too busy admiring a chiseled jaw. Of course, there is a fine line with all these things, and if you notice yourself lowering your standards or settling, it’s time for a time out too.

There is no rush to find a partner, and often we find love when we least expect it. If you are too hung up on dating apps, you might be missing out on real life, so take a step back and see how you feel after a short Tinder time out.