Strategies that will help you work with everyone

Let’s be honest; it’s rare to find anyone that REALLY loves their job. Sure, people work to pay the bills and have something to do – but we reckon that if we offered those people the chance to quit their job and live happily for the rest of their lives, we’d never see them again. There are other people who don’t particularly like their job because they don’t like who they’re working with. It’s common in every office or workplace that there are a few people you don’t get on with – which makes it extremely difficult to work with them. This can often affect your happiness as well as your work ethic and production. So how do you get over that? Well, here are three strategies that will help you work with everyone.

Strategies that will help you work with everyone

Validate their feelings

Every office has at least one employee who is always leaving passive aggressive notes on the refrigerator or sending all-too-polite emails that are really just telling everyone else how much they hate everyone. There’s also always another colleague who gets annoyed at the tiniest little inconvenience – and it can be pretty hard to understand. Learning to respond to these people is one of the best ways to work well with them. To do that, you need to validate your co-worker’s feelings. If the person in question is annoyed that you won’t agree to turn in a piece of work earlier than expected, try to think of the reason why they may be annoyed. Perhaps they are under intense pressure? Perhaps they are under a lot of stress and an impending deadline? Being able to empathize rather than react with anger will work wonders.

Say what you’re really thinking

Let’s be honest, there are times at work where we all find ourselves in awkward situations, or under pressure to answer a question with an answer, your boss will like. We normally make up these answers because we believe it’s what the other people will want to hear – but this does not make for a healthy working relationships. This could end in disagreements, dodgy work and a constant feeling of guilt and unease in your own mind. To combat this, all you need to do is say what you’re REALLY thinking. Don’t say the edited version or the one you have been repeating in your head for ten minutes. Instead, speak your mind clearly and concisely.

Set boundaries

Working with other people can be the bane of your life. Sometimes you just want to work on your own to get the job done – because you know you could get it done in half the time. However, being a professional is all about teamwork, and knowing how to work as a team. One of the most important aspects of working as a group is setting boundaries. You need to set the work pace and the deadline, rather than saying ‘no problem!’ when your co-worker is running behind. Once you’ve set boundaries, you will feel more confident in yourself and your team and what you could achieve.

Strategies that will help you work with everyone

Do you struggle to work as a team? Well, follow these three simple rules, and you’ll be working with everyone in no time. What could go wrong?