Things confident people do and things they don’t

Do you think of yourself as a confident person? That can be a tough question to answer. After all, saying yes” might make you feel as though you’re big headed. However, if you answer “no” then it could be time to change. Confident people are almost like a different breed, especially thanks to these things they do and things they don’t.

They do listen

Not only does listening more than they speak give confident people the chance to learn from others, but they also know they have nothing to prove. People with confidence don’t need to argue why they are right or doing well – they just know! Instead of talking over people, it’s said that confident people are more likely to focus on the conversation they are having rather than worrying about everything else going on in their world.

Photo: BURST

They don’t judge

Comparing yourself to other people is never likely to end well. But if you are a confident person, it’s said that you don’t have to worry about this at all. Why? Theories suggest that people who ooze confidence know that everyone has something different and unique to add to the world, so there is no need to pass judgment on someone living a different life to their own. Plus, confident people don’t want to waste their time worrying about whether they are on the same level as someone else; there is success to be grabbed!

They do look within

They say that true happiness comes from within and it seems as though people with confidence have learned how to harness this thought as their own. If you want to be the master of confidence, then you need to have faith in everything you do. Life is all about being pleased with the choices you’ve made and how everything has panned out. By looking to their own experiences, confident people can harness all those positive thoughts and project them out into the world.

They don’t attention seek

There is a difference between being confident and being egotistical. Having confidence means you are brave enough to try something new or put your ideas forward into the world. However, having a big ego means your entire world focuses on yourself and how well you think you have done at every task. People with confidence are unlikely to seek out the attention or appraisal of others as they know the work they have produced is to their best standards, and that’s all that matters.

Photo: BURST

They do exercise

Exercise has so many health benefits, and many of us have heard just about all of them over the years. We get it – we need to head to the gym. However, it seems as though exercising for 10 minutes twice a week could have more of an impact than we once thought. In fact, a study showed these individuals thought more of themselves physically as well as feeling more confident in sports, school, and with friends. This was all thanks to the endorphins racing through their body after a quick workout.

They don’t fear being wrong

To be right, we have to be wrong a few time in our life. Although we might not always want to feel as though we have done something wrong or admit to it, we would never be able to know when we’ve done it correctly without the minor failures. Confident people learn in life by putting their thoughts and opinions out there in the world. Then, when someone comes along and tells them when they are wrong, they can learn how to be right next time.

You don’t need to have a big head to be confident. In fact, it is quite the opposite! Instead, it might be worth thinking about the things confident people do and things they don’t to see how your life could be improved after all.