Things to do when everyone is out of the office

When your co-workers all go on vacation and leave you on your lonesome, you have to admit that there is a little, teeny, weeny little part of you that misses having them around – but don’t worry, we won’t tell them. Luckily, there are some things you can do when the office is nice and quiet.

Clean up your email inbox

During your usual working day, the average corporate employee receives around 121 emails – and in reality, only about 10 of them really matter. So, you read the ones that are of importance, you blatantly ignore those pesky ‘reply to all’ emails (because apparently, nobody in the office realizes that you don’t have to send a reply to EVERYONE), chuck all of the spam emails into your junk folder, and let your inbox numbers increase each day. When everyone is out of the office, it’s the best time to clean up your email inbox. If you set aside just an hour of your day, you can delete all of the emails that don’t matter, separate the ones that go into folders and clean out that junk folder. You know you want to.

Make a new office friend

During the summer and Christmas period, many office workers take the opportunity to go on vacation, which means only a select few are left to do the work. If your best work pal is one of the lucky ones taking a trip to the Bahamas, you might feel alone and friendless. So, why not take the opportunity to make a new office friend? Interact with someone you might not interact with, and even go out for a bite to eat if you’re feeling really friendly.

Set yourself new goals

If you’re still in the office as the new year gets ever closer, and everyone else is away, it might be a good idea to set yourself some goals for the new year. It may be that you don’t feel fulfilled in your current job role and want to look for new opportunities, it may be that you want to work towards a promotion, or it might be that you want to learn a new skill in your sector. If this is the case, map out a plan for the next year and write down what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them. If you do that, you’ll already be able to cross off ‘be more organized’ from that list (*winks*).

Perfect your resume

If you’re stuck in the office while everyone else is on vacation, you might be thinking ‘oh my, I hate this job.’ If this is the case, you need to set aside a plan to get yourself out of that office, and into a new job that will stimulate you and excite you. To do this, you will need to perfect your resume. Take advantage of a quiet office to update your skills and experience, and create an impressive resume that will wow a potential employer. The rest is up to you.

Although you may relish an empty office to start with, loneliness can set in pretty quickly, and you’ll soon miss the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, keep yourself busy by improving your life, one step at a time!