The top cafes that coffee lovers must visit

If you enjoy sitting in a cafe and drinking a cup of coffee, there are a number of great coffee shops that you can visit all over the globe. Whether you like small, cozy cafes or you prefer larger ones, you can find the one you like the most. Coffee is a great way to enjoy the moment; so before you settle for your usual cup of coffee, check out some of the coffee shops you must visit.

Café Central in Vienna

This is one of the best cafes in the world. Here you can find various classic Viennese coffees, along with the finest local homemade pastries. This famous coffee shop opened in the capital of Austria in 1876 and since then it serves some of the most delicious coffees in the world. The shop also has a unique architecture and a delicate atmosphere in order to make its visitors feel comfortable to enjoy a nice cup of Viennese coffee.

Heart Roasters in Portland, Oregon

If you are looking for a pleasant place to enjoy your favorite coffee, then you need to visit the Heart Roasters in Portland. Situated in the best spot of the city, this coffee shop is the perfect place for you to enjoy a simple caffeine experience. You can try different varieties of coffees and at the same time you can enjoy the décor of the café.

News Cafe in Florence, Italy

Do you like your coffee with a delicious chocolate croissant on the side? Then you should definitely visit the News Cafe in Florence for a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you like hot or cold coffee, the baristas in this café are some of the most talented at turning your special cappuccino into an incredible piece of culture. For example, maybe your hot coffee design is a mini version of the famous Duomo or a blooming flower.

G&B Coffee, Grand Central, in Los Angeles

Make a stop at the G&B coffee shop in the heart of LA. It’s a simple, beautiful coffee bar, where you can stand in a line for your coffee or you can order your favourite coffee at the white marble bar just like you order a cocktail. The menu features interesting rotating offerings, like the famous Espresso Dark & Stormy or the Business and Pleasure. If you like to read along with your delicious café, the shop offers a number of magazines and books to spend your time.

Truth Coffee in Cape Town

If you find yourself in Cape Town, don’t forget to visit the Truth Coffee shop. It’s a modern spot where you can taste your favored coffee drink. You can find a number of delicious coffee flavors within a cool, hipster atmosphere. Take the chance to enjoy the exclusive coffee in inspired surroundings of the famous Truth Coffee shop. The design of this shop focuses around a vintage roaster drum. This coffee shop is also home to a number of vintage exposed pipes, typewriters, sewing machines, as well as a mouth-watering menu of various coffees and food.