Books that every job hunter should read before sending out résumés

No matter whether you’re a young whipper-snapper or a middle-aged wonder who is already excelling in their career, applying for jobs is a scary and odious task. It takes time, effort and dedication, and it takes a strong heart to realize that using Word Art is no longer acceptable. It’s tough. However, applying for jobs and sending out resumes doesn’t have to be a difficult or fearsome task… you just have to ask for help! Rather than asking your odd roommate for resume advice, you can look to some of the best authors out there – because these are the books that every job hunter should read before sending out resumes.

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ – Dale Carnegie

The title is probably enough to get you turning the pages – because we all want to make friends and influence people when searching for a new job. Although Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece was written almost a century ago, this book is still one of the most popular books for job hunters looking for a career change. By teaching people how to interact professionally and personally with others, this book allows people to learn from their own mistakes to make them even more successful in your chosen business sector. By knowing what people want to hear from you, you can tailor your resume to fit that bill.

Books that every job hunter should read before sending out résumés

‘The New Rules of Work’ – Alex Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew

The best way to learn about how to obtain your dream job is to learn from the best of the best, and Alex Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew are the best. As the owners and co-founders of the popular job listings site, The Muse, these guys know the job market inside and out – which makes them the perfect teachers. Within ‘The New Rules of Work,’ these guys break down all of the aspects you need to know about the modern job market. They tell you what has changed, they tell you what employers are looking for, and they give you epic step-by-step tips to land your perfect job. They even give you a template for cold-emailing a potential employer, which could come in handy when sending off your resume.

‘Designing Your Life’ – Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Considering both Bill Burnett and Dave Evans are current Stanford professors, it’s fair to say that they kinda know what they’re talking about. In fact, this book has since topped bestseller lists around the world! Bill and Dave use their pages to explain the process of job-hunting in a way that takes into account your emotional needs and your need for empowerment. After all, who’s going to hire someone who has absolutely no confidence in their abilities? This book tells people “How to build a well-lived, joyful life” through their career. One of their main ideas is that there is not just one job out there for you in life. If you need to try out different jobs throughout your time on earth to see which one floats your boat – do it!

Books that every job hunter should read before sending out résumés

‘Pivot’ – Jenny Blake

No, this is not a book about Ross Geller’s ability to maneuver a couch up a flight of its stairs – but it is just as enjoyable. Instead, this is the kind of book that is for the person who is looking to completely change, or pivot, their career path. Although it can be a scary and formidable decision to move from one sector to the next, it doesn’t have to be. Jenny allows readers to go on a step-by-step journey on figuring out which career is right for them, and how to build up a network of contacts without exploiting the system. It’s the perfect book for someone who is currently stuck in the loop.

Are you looking to land yourself a new job? Well, before you send out your resumes, you have to read these books.