Most inspiring Harvey Specter (“Suits”) quotes

Given the events of the last few years, it’s safe to say that Meghan Markle is the most famous thing to come out of legal drama Suits. However, while the actress who portrayed Rachel Zane may be living it up with royalty right now, she’s far from the only thing that’s made Suits an amazing TV show. Just look at everything that Gabriel Macht’s character Harvey Specter has given us. The witty lawyer is not only a professional in his field, but he’s also provided us with some of the program’s most quotable (and inspirational) lines.

Harvey Specter (“Suits”)

Never give up

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

Most people hit the wall at some point in their lives, whether it’s at work or home. When this happens, it often feels like there’s no way to move forward, but that’s not true. As Harvey says, the wall is there to be broken down; you just need to find the strength inside you. Never give up, because there’s always a way!

Believe in your passions

“I don’t have dreams; I have goals.”

Have you ever had someone refer to your aspirations as ridiculous or unachievable? If so, we hope you didn’t listen to them. A lot of things you want might seem forever out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get them. If you go through life confident that they’ll one day be yours, it’s far more likely to happen. That’s why, like Harvey, you should view them as goals, rather than dreams.

Ignore the haters

“Let them hate, just make sure they spell your name right.”

If you’ve never had to deal with haters in life, then consider yourself lucky. Plenty of people have been bullied for one reason or another, and it’s made them into who they are today. While it’s easy to feel defeated when someone attacks you for your beliefs, identity, or just your ambition, it’s important to rise above it. There will always be those who try to bring others down, but you never need to stoop to their level. Just keep Harvey’s words running through your head.

Self-love is everything

“Ever loved someone so much you would do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”

In a world filled with so much hate and negativity, you should always remember how special you are. There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing self-love because life is short. You’re not going to be around forever, so you may as well treat yourself while you can. Harvey thinks you should, and that’s all the assurance we need.

Harvey Specter (“Suits”)

The choice is yours

“You always have a choice.”

Whenever you feel stuck and like you have no way out, remember these words. They’re perhaps some of Harvey’s most powerful, and they’re sure to strike a chord with a lot of people. We’re often faced with problems which seem impossible to deal with because we can’t see any available options. However, remember that there’s always a choice in life; you just have to be willing to make it. That might not be easy, but it’s what you have to do.

There are only a handful of episodes left until Suits officially ends, meaning we’re running out of opportunities for Harvey to give us his great advice. Fortunately, while he might be disappearing from our screens soon, we’ll never forget his many words of wisdom.