How YouTube carved a new career path for entrepreneurial youngsters

Many people strive to be able to work for themselves. Not having to report to a boss and having the freedom to make your own decisions is something lots of people would love to be able to do in their working lives. YouTube careers are offering that kind of freedom to those willing to go out and grab it. A ‘YouTuber’ is free to make their own decisions, and now young entrepreneurs are finding much success in launching careers on the platform.


Vlogging, for those who don’t know, is essentially a video blog with an aim to posting an engaging and interesting piece that will attract as many viewers as possible. It requires similar skills that launching a business would as you’ll need a catchy name, a clear direction or angle, you’ll need to offer quality content and have a community that will act like your customers. YouTube success, in a nutshell, means the more views you get, the more money you make.

The money is paid to the YouTuber through advertising fees. Usually, a payout will be received per 1,000 ad views, but each time someone watches your video doesn’t mean an advert will pop up so you’ll need more than 1,000 video views to get a financial return on your product. No qualifications are required so it can be an alternative to going to finding a job or college for some if they are good enough at it.

How YouTube carved a new career path for entrepreneurial youngsters

The new generation

Young entrepreneurs are able to make money from their own creativity, but they will have lessons to learn too. They will need to learn how to edit their videos and make sure that they are interesting to the viewer. There are many approaches, some use humor, others display their skill, while others approach subjects from an informative angle.

Whatever the approach a vlogger will learn they need to keep their communities happy if they want to remain successful. The basics of business can be applied to being a YouTube star, and those with the right attitude can go very far in the online world.

It is with risk

Famous YouTuber, Logan Paul faced a huge backlash over one of his videos that was deemed to be in poor taste. He visited a forest that was well-known for people going there and taking their own lives. With so much serious activity going on around him, his decision to publish the video and his demeanor in the forest led to criticism. He was temporarily suspended from earning revenue from YouTube because of this behavior and took a hiatus from posting further videos.

It can pay very well

The highest paid YouTube star in 2017 was Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) who managed to haul an incredible $16.5 million last year. He focused on the video game Minecraft and found that viewers would watch in their millions to check out his progress and advice. Evan Fong (VanossGaming) came in pretty closely behind Middleton and earned himself $15.5 million last year. Fong also focuses on gaming videos and he condenses hours worth of gameplay footage into one small video filled with funny moments and lots of action. This shows that if you are creative and talented enough, the benefits of forging a YouTube career for yourself are financially worth it.

How YouTube carved a new career path for entrepreneurial youngsters

Leading to greater things

YouTube can act as the stepping stone to stardom for many young vloggers. The exposure and international fame they gain through the online service has resulted in several of them appearing in movies, TV broadcasting, as well as radio and podcast opportunities.

YouTube brought the platform to the world and has helped facilitate the launch of these online stars. Many of the more popular vloggers have become super wealthy thanks to their ability to capture an audience and execute a well thought out business plan.