5 ways to create a passive income

A passive income – what could that possibly be? This is a kind of income that is made from something that you don’t have to be actively involved in. In other words, something is making you money without you having to go to the office nine to five, Monday to Friday. This sounds too good to be true! Thankfully, these are just five ways to create a passive income for yourself.

Get blogging

You may see those internet blogs pop up all over the place. Have you ever wondered how they live their lives by writing posts for strangers? Well, now you could be about to find out. It may take some work to set up initially, but after gathering a small fan base, you will soon find advertisers and guest posters paying big bucks to appear on your site. All you need to do is find something you are passionate about and discover what type of blogs are popular. Then it’s just time to get typing and see the rewards come reaping in while you sleep!

Cashback shopping

Many websites now offer the chance to get cash back while doing your regular shop. They usually work by paying back a percentage of what you have paid meaning you could make money just from buying your usual groceries. Who knew that such a thing even existed? To make this even more appealing, many sites even offer up money just for signing up. If you’re going to be buying the items anyway then why not make some money back on them? In fact, some shoppers have even reported earning hundred of dollars – bonus.

Upload your photos

Perhaps you love taking photos, or maybe you have an old camera that you have been looking to dust off for some time? There might be more of an incentive to get snapping after learning you could begin to make money from your photos without the hassle of expensive art galleries. Many websites offer up chances to upload your photos where other users can buy them and use the pictures as their own. You might get a percentage or a flat rate, but you could be bringing in some extra bucks by simply following your passion.

Real estate

This might be touchy subject thanks to the current housing market, but if you have the money to spare then real estate could be a brilliant option for making some extra income. It could be renting out a room, part-buying a property with other investors, or forking out on a home or apartment to rent out. Whatever your budget, there could be a real estate option to suit you. Of course, you will need to pay landlord insurance and pay towards the upkeep or the room or house, but the monthly rent will have your bank balance thanking you.

Rent your car space

There are more ways that you can make money from your car without having to sign up as a driver. Many companies will pay big bucks to plaster their company on the side of your vehicle or in one of your windows. If you are going to be driving around anyway and don’t mind having someone else’s face on your car, then this can be a simple way to improve your income. A car advert means a nice monthly bonus without any extra work. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Life can be tough enough already without the worry of how we are going to pay the bills at the end of each month. Thankfully, there are some extra ways to create a passive income that mean we don’t have to get ourselves another job after all.