The best finance podcasts out there

Podcasts are audio programs that you can listen to on your smartphone or mobile device. The programs are always centered around a particular topic, so you can choose according to your interests. Think of them kind of like radio programs that are not interrupted by commercials. Most podcast episodes last from between 20 minutes to an hour. This duration is ideal for when you want to tune in during your commute to or from work.

There are several podcasts whose main focus is finance. Here, we have hosts who cover various topics on the subjects of money, economics, and investing. Mostly, they invite guests with some sort of experience in these fields to better explore the subjects. Finance podcasts are aimed at enlightening the listener and helping them make smart choices when it comes to managing, investing, and spending money. This in turn helps the listener gain more financial independence and control in their lives.

The best of these podcasts manage to sound as entertaining as they are informative, providing an exciting experience to listeners. Here are some of the best finance podcasts you might want to give a listen.

The best finance podcasts out there

1. Listen, Money Matters

If your main focus is investing and building wealth, this is your go-to podcast. The topics here revolve around personal finance practices that will see you well on your way to triumphing over debt and creating your own wealth. There’s also an emphasis on good spending practices. This podcast runs weekly for a duration of 50 minutes.

2. Stacking Benjamins

This is a highly interactive podcast that covers a range of topics within each episode. It is hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy alongside the ‘Other Guy’. These two frequently host guests for round table discussions on finances. Available three times weekly, each episode runs for about an hour. To make it more entertaining and informative, each episode is divided into segments which allows exploration of a number of topics.

The podcast starts off with a look into the trending headlines in the economic world. This then moves on to an interview with guests, after which listeners’ questions are addressed. With guests sharing stories about their personal financial journeys that include how they overcame debt and amassed wealth, this podcast is a great listen for anyone who wants to build wealth.

3. So Money

This podcast is available three times a week with relatively short episodes. It’s hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, who has a reputation for bringing astounding guests to the program. These guests change almost every other episode, ensuring varied coverage of the topics. Listeners get to know how these successful figures in finance made their breakthroughs, and what choices they keep making for sustained wealth. There’s a 35 minute section on the weekend where Torabi replies to questions from listeners.

The best finance podcasts out there

4. Planet Money

This is a podcast whose main focus is current affairs in national economy. Running for 15-30 minutes, this program seeks to enlighten individuals on the bigger picture, showing how the economy affects their personal finances. Every episode goes into the topic of the moment, so listening to this podcast is a great way of staying up-to-date in money matters.