Studies show too much overtime is bad for your health

Lots of people work overtime in their jobs. Mostly it is to gain more money but other times employees will do a lot of overtime to make sure their boss knows they are trying to impress them. While getting extra money is always going to be welcome, is there a price to pay for doing too much overtime?

It’s bad for your body

Working too much can take a significant toll on your body. Your body can become burned out, and you will begin to feel exhausted and wiped out. Working too much can lead to an increased chance of getting sick and people who work over 40 hours a week are six times more likely to suffer burnout than those working a 35-hour week. ABC News did a study, and it was found that overworking can lead to an increased risk of problems with your heart. Working more than 10 hours a day could increase the chance risk by up to 60%.

Studies show too much overtime is bad for your health

It’s bad for your mental health

Extended working hours can result in disturbed sleeping patterns which can become a chronic problem if allowed to continue for very long. Building up an irregular sleeping pattern can result in constant tiredness which will reduce your efficiency and productivity. Being so tired can be putting yourself and your family at risk, especially if you are driving a vehicle while being so dangerously sleepy.

Increased time off

You will be running yourself into the ground, and because of this, you will suffer from fatigue which can lead to increased time off from work. You’ll suffer from colds and cases of flu more often which can add more strain to your work colleagues as you need time off work to recover. This increased time off and extra strain on your work colleagues can result in lower morale throughout the company, including your own.

This lower morale can lead to eating and drinking more as well as the temptation of smoking. All of these bad habits can increase your weight and cholesterol as well as damaging your lungs as you bid to try and deal with your increased stress levels and lower self-esteem. Your body will have to work harder to function which will just add to your tiredness problems.

Studies show too much overtime is bad for your health

A woman died from doing too much

A Japanese woman died by suffering heart failure after she did too much overtime. It was found that in the month before Miwa Sado, a political journalist, passed away she had clocked up 159 hours of overtime, that is not including her normal working hours. It worked out around 6 hours of extra work each day during the week and meant she was likely working the weekends too. She was found unconscious holding her cell phone on her bed in 2013.

Working too much can seriously damage your long-term health. As well as increasing the risk of heart problems, the tiredness you will suffer from will potentially put your life at risk when commuting to work. Learning to take a break and recharge your batteries will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping your productivity levels higher.