Things every adult needs to know about insurance

Adult life comes with a myriad of responsibilities. Sure, it’s good to finally get away from the scrutiny of your parents, and being able to get your own things when you need them. However, have you truly thought about everything that you’re supposed to do to ensure that your adult life is not thrust into a financial nightmare? You’ve probably heard about insurance, but do you know why it’s important to you?

One of the wisest things you can do as a young adult is keeping your financial future in mind. Getting your first salary is momentous. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee that you’ll always have money when you need it. Saving is a great start towards insuring your financial future. However, you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a scenario where you fork out all your savings in one go because of some medical emergency or other. Below, find things that every adult needs to know about insurance:


Types of insurance

There are many types of insurance that cover different areas in life. Some of the most common are life insurance, health insurance, home/homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Life insurance takes care of your dependents after your death, home insurance covers any damages or losses on your house or belongings, health insurance covers medical bills while car insurance takes over repairs and replacement in case of an accident.

Protection from financial ruin

By buying insurance policies, you’re protecting yourself from incurring financial losses. Your cover comes in to take care of expenses for unexpected accidents, property damage and illnesses. This means that you’ll not have to look at your savings for such expenses. Without a cover, it’s quite possible to lose all your life savings after you’ve been, let’s say, in a car accident.

Buy it early

When you get an insurance cover in your twenties, you’ll pay lower rates compared to if you bought it at an older age, let’s say in your 40s. Insurers take your age and state of health into account when giving you a quote. The younger you are, the less of a risk they perceive you. This is especially true for health and life insurance. Get your insurance early enough and pay so much less for just the same amount of coverage.


Update it often

Remember to review and update your policy once in a while. Over time, your circumstances change, and this should also be reflected in your policies. If you take a life insurance as a single adult, you should consider getting an upgrade when you start a family, or each time you get a child. Policies vary, and what you get determines how much coverage your beneficiaries get. For home insurance, ensure your policy covers every aspect and belonging in your house.


Insurance policies come in, well, many colors. Each policy comes with its coverage, so it’s important to check whether the policy you have actually covers all events and instances that matter. For instance, you could have car insurance that only covers damages to other people’s property and injuries in case you cause an accident, but not your own. A different policy will protect your interests too. Review all policies to ensure you’re not caught in surprise when you need the money.

Any kind of insurance is more of a great investment than a loss. Don’t wait to find that out the hard way and get your cover today.