Why you should make your own lunch for work

Anyone who has joined the workforce has posed this question to themselves at one stage or another. While it may be tempting to forget the prep and pop out to the shops instead, we urge you to remember these things the next time this question comes to mind.

Less money, more problems

By dining at restaurants, getting takeout, or grabbing a sandwich from the stores – you are blowing extra bucks every time the hunger bug hits. American employees are estimated to spend between $2 and $20 a day, racking up a big bill at the end of each month. Convenience food is a serious inconvenience to our bank accounts.

What’s worse, if we try to trade off some of the cost to buy more affordable fast food, we are likely to get high-calorie meals that are often full of sodium, sugar, and trans fats. These meals can frequently cause many health problems, leaving our wallets even emptier after medical bills.

Why you should make your own lunch for work

The creator of your own destiny (and menu)

We have the power to create the life we want to live. Want to lose a few pounds? Make some low-calorie lunches. Keen to build up some muscle? Power up on protein to support your gym routine. Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Indulge in extra veggies. Lactose intolerant or gluten-free? Hello, fruit salad. By making lunches that align with our health and lifestyle goals, we come one step closer to achieving them.

Perhaps some of us don’t have any goals but are more particular with the food we want to eat. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, life’s too short to waste time picking the tomatoes out of salads, worrying if there’s palm oil in your pizza dough, or being heartbroken that the last ‘everything bagel’ is sold out. Don’t settle for second best. It’s our life and ultimately it’s our choice to make what we want for lunch (just don’t forget any egg salad in the office fridge over the weekend!)

We got time

Time, or rather the lack thereof, is a common reason why some of us choose to buy lunch instead of pack our own. But we forget that packing a lunch doesn’t always mean that we need to slave away behind the stove for hours. If we take a few minutes in the morning to cook up some couscous or throw together a few tasty snacks, we free up time for ourselves in the middle of the day. Now, our lunch breaks mean that we can actually have a break too – take a walk, listen to music, recentre with a calming meditation, or even get a quick massage. When we make our own lunches, we have more control over our lunch-time experience.

Why you should make your own lunch for work


Let’s not forget to add saving the planet to the list, because making our own lunches mean that we are more environmentally responsible too. We can reduce plastic waste by reusing our own containers and bottles instead of buying food that comes in excess packaging. Not to mention reducing potential food waste by packing leftovers from the night before, saving time in the process.

We hope that these reasons are enough to inspire you to ditch the deliveries and diners in exchange for some wholesome homemade lunches. Our planet, your pocket, and your future selves salute you!