Tips on creating the perfect work lunch

The start of a new week can leave many of us with the same thoughts, with one cropping up time and time again: what will we take for lunch? The midday meal can make or break your working day. Not enough good stuff, and you could be hungry all afternoon. Too much, and you could feel slow and sluggish. It’s all about finding a balance when creating the perfect work lunch.

Think happy food

It turns out that our diet could have more of an effect on our bodies than many of us believed. Eating a range of fruits and vegetables as well as olive oil, fish, and whole grains is shown to reduce our risk of developing certain mental health illnesses. However, opting for potatoes, butter, refined grains, and processed meat with little fruit and veg on the side could have the opposite effect. The best bit? Lots of fresh produce can often help us to feel fuller for longer.

Tips on creating the perfect work lunch

Pick a style

Some of us prefer to have the same meals every day of the week before we change up our menu the next week. Others like to have a variety of meals throughout the week. To top it off, many love to make a little extra dinner in the evening that can be packed up and taken for lunch the next day, it’s all about finding a style that suits your lifestyle to make sure you don’t fall into your old habits.

Include dairy

This might sound strange, but it turns out that many of us don’t get enough dairy in our diet. Low-fat dairy products are linked to a boost in positive hormones as well as keeping our food as balanced as can be. If you prefer savory options, then cubes of low-fat cheese can be a great option. However, a glass of milk, a little cottage cheese and fruit, or a yogurt once you have finished your meal can be a great way to make sure that you are getting your dairy intake for the day.

Plan your meals

It can be easy to wander the aisles of the grocery store searching for inspiration on what to buy. However, it might not be long before you spot some deals or notice something that you can’t resist and end up with an unbalanced meal selection for the week. Planning your menus should help to save money as well as keep your mind focused on the food you need to buy – not the stuff that your stomach craves at the time. Thankfully, it usually only takes a few minutes to write down some meal ideas for the week.

Tips on creating the perfect work lunch

Pack your lunch

Not only will this help to save plenty of money in the long run, but packing your lunch can help to train our minds to make more conscious decisions and create a balanced meal rather than choosing what we want to eat at the time. One of the best times to pack your lunch is after you have eaten your dinner. This is because you should be a lot less hungry, meaning you are less likely to take too much food with you to work accidentally.

Creating the perfect work lunch might not be as tough as it first seems. In fact, learning how to create a balanced meal could help to save money, balance your diet, and give you more energy to get over the afternoon slump that has been bothering many of us for so long.