How to deal with a migraine while you’re at work

There are so many factors that can trigger a migraine, and they usually differ with each person. Some people’s only last for a few hours while other people have been known to have them for many days. Migraines are different from typical headaches as they can also affect our vision, our light sensitivity, and our ability to cope with noise. If you’re stuck in the office and have no idea what to do, then it might be time to learn how to deal with a migraine while you’re at work.


Learn your triggers

One of the best ways to deal with a migraine while you’re at work is to learn what triggers one in the first place. Some people are affected by bright lights while others could develop a migraine when they change their lifestyle or smell strong perfume. If you know what causes your migraines, then it could be time to think about adapting your working environment to minimize the risk.

Warn your colleagues

Some people suffer so intensely from their migraines that they soon find it tough to communicate with others. If this is the case, then it’s best to warn your colleagues and your boss about them ahead of time. Plus, talking to your manager or human resources department means that you could work together to reduce the triggers at work to try and eliminate the risk of developing a migraine in the first place. This can also save any sudden surprises for your boss along the way.

Find some relief

Sometimes, we have no choice but to stay at the office – even when our migraine leaves us desperate to leave. However, if you regularly get migraines, then you might soon learn the tell-tale signs that one is on the way. Some people find that caffeine helps to reduce a migraine, but too much can have the opposite effect. On the other hand, some people report that 20 or 30 minutes away from bright lights to rest and take some medicine could be all they need.


Think about leaving

Although many of us want to battle through our migraine and not let it get in the way of the rest of our life, it can be tough to ignore one once it begins. Let’s face it; do all of those tasks really need to be finished today? Plus, will you be able to get them all done to the best of your ability when you are distracted by your growing migraine? Sometimes, the best option to cope with your pain is to head home and get some rest. This is especially important if you have everything to relieve your symptoms, and nothing seems to work.

Consider treatment

Many people report they get migraines a few times a year or even once a month depending on what triggers an attack. Unfortunately, some have migraines for more than half of the month that can last several days at a time. If this is the case, then it could be time to think about getting some medical help for your symptoms. While there is currently no cure for migraines, there are several alternatives that can offer relief to some.

Whether you get a migraine every now and then or you find yourself battling with them regularly, getting one in the office can be a huge inconvenience. Learning how to deal with a migraine while you’re at work could soon help to avoid another battle with your body.