Everything there is to know before going to a Capsule hotel

Capsule hotels are becoming more and more popular by the day, with keen travelers choosing a cheaper, and unique option, over the more expensive hotel room. They are, of course, a Japanese invention primarily with businessmen in mind, who needed a basic overnight stay or it was too late to go home. However, other countries soon caught on and decided it would be a great way to attract the weary traveler; or anyone who would be interested. After all, it is now a novel and unique travel experience. So, here is everything you need to know about capsule hotels.

They’re very compact

They may even seem smaller in person, so be aware that the reason they are the cheaper alternative is because you do not have as much space as a normal room. Often, there is only room for a bed, and something akin to a cubby hole to place anything that needs a harder surface, such as a drink. While they now vary all over the world, the dimensions in Japan are typically 1.2m wide, 2m long, and 1m tall. Obviously, this means that they won’t be any good if you feel the need to stand up in your pod. However, if you are desperate to have a bit more room, all you need to do is step outside your pod, or shuffle.

Everything there is to know before going to a Capsule hotel

Most things are communal

As the only private area you have is your small pod, it stands to reason that you will not also have your own private shower. They do have hygiene facilities, although they are communal, so you’ll need to be prepared for that. Due to the size of the pods, there is no room for a massive amount of luggage, and how much you’re willing to cram in will be totally up to you. They will have lockers available for whatever else you don’t want to cram, though these are not huge, so you’ll need to take that into consideration.

They’re not completely bare

It’s surprising what they can fit into these pods, and they’re not totally without add-ons. They can also come with a TV which will be fitted to a wall, or in some way which is safe to watch while laying down. There is usually wifi, small drawers, mirrors, and an alarm clock. So there are a few basics, it is a Japanese creation after all, and while they reportedly enjoy their simplicity, they are also renowned for their advanced technology.

Everything there is to know before going to a Capsule hotel

They’re popping up all over the world

As mentioned before, they’re now popping up all over the world, so you don’t have to traverse all the way to Japan to experience these novelties. They can also be found in England, Thailand, Russia, The Netherlands, Australia and so on. This means that if you ever want to travel around the world on a budget, then capsule hotels may become the next best thing.

While these seem like a great alternative, you must keep in mind these are very minimalistic. Also, some cultures divide the capsules by gender, so if you’re traveling with a male companion, be aware you may not have capsules close to one another. Otherwise, what a unique place to stay!