How to throw the perfect yacht party

Sunshine, bright blue seas, friends, and a gorgeous yacht makes for a picture-perfect setting. A yacht is the epitome of luxury, class, and style. Whether you own a yacht or are looking to rent one for a special occasion, you simply can’t go wrong if you follow these simple tips to throw the most memorable event. You don’t even need to wait for a special occasion to host a yacht party, being privileged enough to have friends and family in your life is reason enough to celebrate. So let’s get you ready to party the day or night away!

How to throw the perfect yacht party

Determine your budget and start planning

If you have your own yacht, this won’t apply to you, but if you don’t, you’ll need to do some research regarding where and how to go about renting a yacht. Establish what your budget is first, then get searching. There are companies that can provide package deals according to your budget and they can help with planning the event itself. Once you’ve finalized the paperwork to hire the yacht, you can get onto deciding on a date and time best suitable for you. Make sure you create a to-do list so you don’t forget anything and possibly miss the finer details. Create a guest list and get onto sending out your invitations.

Pick a theme and dress code

Your budget will determine whether your party will be an elegant, extravagant one or a more casual, relaxed one. Regardless of what you prefer, you can choose a color scheme to match your theme, which will add that extra special touch. Although most yacht companies would be able to provide decorations at your request, you could also bring your own to add your personal touch. The dress code will depend on your theme. Make sure the dress code is clearly noted on the invitation to avoid any unnecessary discomfort to your guests.

Food and drink

Your menu should match your theme, but what’s most important is catering to your guests’ preferences. For example, if you know you’re inviting some vegetarians, be sure to provide some vegetarian options. If you enjoy cocktails, you can hire a bartender who knows the ins and outs of mixing up refreshing and tasty cocktails. Quantity is just as important as quality, so ensure that you have enough food and drinks for the number of guests attending. Another thing to take into account is how long you plan on being out at sea for, and cater accordingly. The last thing you want is for the food to run out when you still have hours left to entertain.

How to throw the perfect yacht party


What’s a party without music or some kind of entertainment. You could hire a live band, a string quartet or a DJ to add a fun and lively vibe. Again, the theme you have chosen will determine what kind of music you should play. If you’re going for a more casual, fun party, a DJ will be a fantastic option as they usually have a wide variety of music to choose from. A string quartet playing some classical music will go perfectly if you’ve opted for a more sophisticated, formal party. Either way, music will lift your event to the next level.

A yacht party is most certainly a unique and amazing way to entertain your friends and family. With good planning, there’s no reason why your get-together shouldn’t be an absolute success. Mingle with your guests, make them feel welcome, and enjoy the festivities!