Ways to pass the time during a boring flight

Going abroad on vacation is incredibly exciting. When you spend so much time in the same place, it’s nice to go out and see more of the world. However, there’s just one downside to these exciting trips away – the flight. It often takes hours to reach your destination, meaning you have to find a good way to pass the time. That can be difficult when you’re stuck on a plane, but thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to cure your boredom.

Ways to pass the time during a boring flight

Watch something

While you can’t have your devices on during take-off and landing, it’s perfectly safe to use things like your laptop or tablet mid-flight. If you’ve got one of these with you on your journey, curing boredom shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, you can just plug yourself in and watch a movie or TV show to pass the time. Some long-haul flights also offer this service too, although whether that’s useful depends on what they’ve got for passengers to watch.

Do some reading

No matter what you like to read, whether it be a glossy magazine or War and Peace, this is a great time to do some reading. Unless you’ve got crying babies or loudmouth passengers on the plane with you, flights are usually relatively quiet, so it’s not too hard to focus. You may find the hum of the engine a bit off-putting at first, but it shouldn’t take long to drown that out. Then you can catch up on all the latest gossip or make your way through a few captivating chapters.

Catch some z’s

Whether this is a good idea typically depends on how many time zones you’re traveling across to reach your destination. You want to try and avoid jet lag as much as possible, and sleeping on the flight could make that harder. If it’s going to be morning wherever you’re traveling to, then feel free to catch some z’s. It’s a great way to pass the time and will also help you feel more refreshed. However, if it’s going to be night there, you’re better off waiting until you’ve arrived to go to sleep.

Ways to pass the time during a boring flight

Get work done

Vacations are supposed to be a time when you don’t think about work. However, everyone’s different, and some people see a long flight as an opportunity to catch-up or get ahead on what they’re working on. Whether you’re a student or professional, there’s no reason why you can’t use those few hours to your advantage. Plus, once you touch down at your location, you can relax knowing that you’ve done everything you needed to.

Use a coloring book

Remember when coloring books were just for children? Thankfully, someone realized adults like coloring too and started making books just for us. These have been celebrated for relieving people’s stress and helping with anxiety, and they’re also pretty great boredom fixers too. It doesn’t take much to get absorbed in one of these books, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly they make the time fly. By the time you’ve finished with one page, you’ll probably already be at your destination.

If you want to go on vacation somewhere exotic, flights are usually mandatory. However, while they might have a habit of being boring, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential to be exciting.