The 3 P’s of jump starting your career: patience, perseverance, and prowess

So you’ve fallen through the cracks of the ice into the shock that is the world of work? Welcome, here’s your lifetime pass. Have fun. However, just because we have to work for the next 60 years doesn’t mean it has to be all that bad, does it? Forging your own career is the perfect way to make your mark on the world as well as follow something you love. The question is – how do you get the ball rolling? Thankfully there are the 3 P’s of jump starting your career: patience, perseverance, and prowess, that will see you off to a flying start.


Although you might want to get out there and grab every opportunity that life throws your way, sometimes having patience is the key to success. Why? Falling into the first position that is offered your direction could be the answer to years of unhappiness. After all, it’s much easier to turn down a job than it is to quit. Having patience that the right job will come along your way will have a much greater pay off in the end. This also goes for looking for the position of your dreams. Only ever apply for a job you know you would happily accept. There’s no point in being miserable at work, is there? Scrolling through pages and pages of job ads might seem tedious, but all your patience may lead you down the route of the perfect career that’s been waiting for you this whole time.

The 3 P’s of jump starting your career: patience, perseverance, and prowess


It can be easy to think about giving up, especially when life seems to get in the way. Maybe you know the job of your dreams but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Don’t give up! The moment you decide to stop looking for your career is the moment you take steps backward away from ever being truly happy at work. Sticking with it is vital if you want to jumpstart your career. All you need to do is keep looking, and you could have the answer you’ve been looking for this whole time. Perhaps the issue is you have been for what feels like hundreds of job interviews but just can’t seem to catch your lucky break? Have no fear; these are all practice rounds as you brush up on your interview skills until you finally get the meeting of your dreams. It could be just around the corner now.


Of course, if you want to work in a particular career, then chances are you need to have a little bit of a skill at what you do. You don’t need to worry about having a lifetime of experience for a low-level entry job – even if the ads can make it out that way – but having some knowledge or skill of your new position might be a good idea. So how do you go about getting all that information? There are so many ways you might find your brain is full to bursting before long. It could be heading online and researching other people’s advice about the job you are about to take, reading up on information about the business or your job market, or even getting out there and practicing what you’re good at. These are all ways you can jump start your career by showing off your true passion in life. The best bit? You’ll get a paycheck at the end of it all!

The 3 P’s of jump starting your career: patience, perseverance, and prowess

Sure, there are many ways you can impress your boss. A daily coffee, turning up early to work, or hitting those deadlines days before they’re due are all ways to get them smiling. However, sometimes we need to jump start our career before it’s even begun. Thankfully, the three P’s help keep things nice and simple.