4 recommendations from savvy travelers

If you are something of a travel guru, you will most likely have been around the world. The low cost of airfares these days has made it a lot easier for people to travel wherever they want to. And this has opened up the entire world as a place of interest to those who love jetting off and finding new experiences. But, as a keen and seasoned traveler, you’re always looking for somewhere new to go.

There are bound to be a lot of destinations you have visited many times, and it’s always good to discover new horizons. And, you need to get in there quick, before they become hip and trendy. These days new and undiscovered places rarely last very long before they become popular and are besieged by tourists. Here are some places the experts recommend you check out now, before everyone hears about them.

Arusha – Tanzania

This wild, beautiful, bush area of Tanzania is ideal for those wanting stunning surroundings and sightings of animals in their natural habitat. The lush, sprawling greenery, and the epic, looming majesty of Mount Kilimanjaro loom on the horizon. This is certainly one of the most visually stunning places in Africa, and the best part is that it hasn’t become hugely popular just yet. If you want an eye-opening adventure that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry, this is definitely the location for you.

Oaxaca City – Mexico

Mexico is one of those countries that has really turned a corner in recent years with regards to tourism. Mexico City, in particular, has become a hugely popular and important city for tourists. But, if you want to avoid the crowds and still see the real Mexico, we suggest heading for Oaxaca City. With gorgeous architecture, important culture, and an emerging food scene, this is the best Mexican city you’ve never heard of – remedy that today.

Giverny – France

The great thing about France is that it’s so diverse in terms of landscape and geography. There are bustling, contemporary cities, and there is some lush, vibrant countryside. Check out Giverny, which falls into the second category – an idyllic village just around an hour outside of Paris. The gardens here are truly breathtaking, and you will find beauty and inspiration in even the smallest things here. Giverny is ideal for those who want to get away from the bustling cities.

Siem Reap – Cambodia

Cambodia might not seem the obvious choice for a trip to Asia, but Siem Reap could well change that. This is a place that will fill you with awe and wonder, and has some of the most detailed and jaw-dropping temples anywhere in Asia. You might even be able to meet a Buddhist monk while you’re here as well! That’s before we even get to the delicious food on offer here – you definitely need to take a trip to Siem Reap right now!

These are just four of the stunning up and coming travel destinations that remain untouched by the long arm of global tourism. Sure, you’re going to get some tourists here, but not as many as other destinations. Not yet at least. Make the most of these places before they become popular and trendy, and you can’t go there anymore!