5 TED Talks that you need to hear

TED Talks have emerged as one of the most popular media for people to improve themselves and find motivation within their lives. Featuring inspiring stories and motivational speeches from some of the most brilliant minds across the globe, these TED Talks cover a wide range of subjects from our everyday lives and present them in a simplified way.

Regardless of whether you kick-start or end your day with an inspiring TED Talk, the idea is to learn from the struggles and life experiences of others around you and understand that things are never as unpleasant as they seem. So, if you are looking for a heartfelt feel-good cry, or a pep talk to lead you to self improvement, you can check out these five life-changing TED Talks that can help you get back on your feet.

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid – Guy Winch

The 17 minute, 24 second long talk by Guy Winch focuses on the importance of caring for not only our physical wellbeing but also our emotional health. As it turns out, we rarely take our minds as seriously as we should. A psychologist by profession, Guy Winch talks about the scientifically proven techniques that you can employ in your quest to self improvement.

5 TED Talks that you need to hear

The power of vulnerability – Brene Brown

An intimate insight into the personal life experiences of Brene Brown, this TED Talk explores the vulnerability in our interpersonal relationships. Brene also explains why people who are bold enough to open up their hearts and allow themselves to be vulnerable usually end up leading happier and more content lives.

How to find what you love – Scott Dinsmore

While most of us are our caught in jobs that we don’t love, relationships that we don’t appreciate, and lives we constantly distress about, Scott Dinsmore motivates listeners to search for what matters to them the most, and get started with it right away. He reiterates that life is too short to be miserable all the time and that self improvement is the key to achieving a sense of peace and contentment.

Living beyond limits – Amy Purdy

For those who are feeling sorry for themselves, this inspiring TED Talk takes you through the life struggles of an aspiring traveler and skateboarder, Amy Purdy, who had to give it all up when she lost both her legs. Amy’s story about her life after the amputation of her leg is deeply impactful and encourages you to be grateful for what you have. She winds up her speech by saying, “Because my legs haven’t disabled me. If anything, they’ve enabled me.”

5 TED Talks that you need to hear

How to succeed? Get more sleep – Arianna Huffington

While most of us feel that working late and putting in extra hours in order to complete a presentation will help us climb the ladder of success faster, Arianna enlightens us with how people can be more successful with the right amount of sleep every night. In her thoroughly motivating speech, Arianna shares her valuable insight into how we can be more productive in our jobs and much happier in life by making a small but critical change.