5 workouts that’ll make you forget you’re exercising

Working out can often be a painful process. You don’t really want to do it, but you’ve gone on a donut eating bender, and you need to work off a few extra calories. We’ve all been there. Most of the time we dread heading to the gym as it can be dull. When you’re bored while working out, it seems to add to the punishment. We have some workouts that are so much fun you’ll be amazed you’re even working out.


Dancing is an incredible workout. Maybe not while you’re in the club because the drinks aren’t going to help with any weight loss, unfortunately. But if you’re sat at home and your favorite song comes on the radio, or TV, get up and bust a move! Dancing around helps you to keep mobile and will give you a good cardio workout. On top of that, it will help to strengthen your muscles and joints as well as improving your coordination. You can even get the dog involved if you don’t want to dance on your own.

Jumping and bouncing

For a hard workout that doesn’t even come close to feeling like you’re doing exercise, find a trampoline. These things are so much fun and even jumping up and down without doing flips or anything is a good exercise. It will help to strengthen your core, legs and your balance. It is also incredibly good for cardio. Five minutes bouncing around on a trampoline and you’ll be sweating more than you’d ever have imagined.

Acro yoga

Sure we all know yoga, that activity that requires plenty of flexibility and lots of breathing. While it can be a slow-paced activity, if you do it with someone else it almost becomes a completely different activity altogether. Called acro yoga, it involves two people doing yoga on each other. This might sound like something you’d find people doing behind closed doors, but it is actually a combination of acrobatics and yoga. Almost like something you would see at a circus, it is a great way to workout and have a truckload of fun in the process. This can be something you do with your partner, or close friend, as it will require getting up close and personal with another human.


What was once a game for small children has now become a very popular activity for adults to do to lose a few pounds. It will strengthen your core muscles greatly as well as improving your balance and coordination. If you get good at it it can also be a good cardio workout, just make sure you keep that hoop from hitting the ground!

Group stroll

If you live near some nature trails, then you should get a group of friends together and explore them. Even if you don’t live near them, roping in all of your mates and going for a long walk will be great fun while also giving you a secret workout. Walking is a low-level cardio workout that helps to keep your heart healthy while burning many calories. Hiking is great fun, is a good way to bond with friends, and is a good workout. More people should hike and trek – it’s good for the soul!

Those were some of the workouts we think all of us can get involved in but don’t feel like you’ve spent hours slogging away at the gym. While going to the gym is obviously good exercise, it isn’t for everybody so finding alternatives can be the best way to get people to exercise.