Apps to keep your day organized

With practically everything around us getting digitized, keeping your day organized just got easier. This is thanks to a number of applications available for your electronic devices. Organizational apps seek to keep you on pace and on track of your daily activities. They help navigate your time at work, school, home, and for any other project in time efficient ways. They’re also essential in reminding you of things you need to do so that you don’t forget important tasks.

While life gets busier every day and the feeling of having less time gnaws at your soul, downloading some of these apps can be all you need to make a difference. Staying organized will keep you stress and anxiety free and put you in control of your day. Instead of worrying about not having enough time to get things done, you’ll be busy crossing off items on your to-do list. Here are a few apps that will keep your day organized.

Apps to keep your day organized

1. Evernote

Note-taking is an important daily part of a productive schedule at work. You’ll take notes in meetings, or in the privacy of your office when you’re working through a project and need to recall things. With Evernote, you can keep all your notes in one easily accessible place. These include your meeting notes, research notes, to-do lists, drawings, and photos. To better keep all your information resources in one place, this App allows you to attach important documents and articles to your notes for simplified referencing. Note-taking also becomes as easy as simply recording your meetings without the need to jot down any words.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app that keeps you on track of what needs to be done by giving you reminders. This app will keep you and your entire team at work in the know about the progress you’re making. Essentially, it’s a to-do list application, which enables you and your team to keep up with projects and share goals. With this app, you can assign tasks and set deadlines and reminders. Team members can also add comments concerning the tasks. Available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, and Google Chrome, Wunderlist is easily accessible to all your team members as it works on several devices.

3. Trello

This app’s interface is like several bulletin boards where you can lay down your projects and tasks. It allows you to assign due dates and set reminders with digital sticky notes. Trello has a feature that reminds you of deadlines and important appointments three days prior, ensuring you don’t forget to get things done. It can also be a good project management application by allowing collaboration with your teammates. With projects visualized on the bulletin boards, team members can contribute in terms of attachments, comments, and checklists. Your teamwork will be consolidated into one place and make big projects much easier to track.

Apps to keep your day organized

4. Dropbox

This application keeps folders of the projects you’re currently working on together. After uploading your documents to your Dropbox account, they’ll be available on all of your devices. This way you can easily get to work anywhere, anytime on whatever device you have in hand.

Anything that helps manage a busy work and home life to bring about better balance in your life is worth trying. Make your smartphone a more productive device by installing these apps to help keep your day organized.