The benefits and disadvantages of a paperless society

With technology getting better and better by the day, there’s so much about our lives that has changed. From how we communicate to the way we absorb media, there are so many things we do now that weren’t even possible a decade or two ago. One thing that’s changed significantly in recent years is the way we use paper. In many ways, it’s become redundant now that technology is so advanced. However, is a paperless society really something that we want to live in?

Photo: BURST

Saving the trees

Naturally, the greatest benefit of living in a paperless society is the effect it will have on the environment. The need for paper is one of the reasons why trees are cut down every day, so with that demand eliminated, the rate of deforestation will almost certainly drop.

Given all the concern about climate change and the impact we’re currently having on the atmosphere, more trees in our forests can only signal good things. Hopefully, it would have enough of a positive effect to move us towards a cleaner and safer future.

Danger to security

Of course, living in a paperless society comes with its risks. If we rely on technology for everything, that means we’re relatively screwed if there’s ever an issue with our computers. All it takes is for the power to go out, and we’re left with nothing.

What’s more, having everything stashed away on devices means we’re actually putting ourselves at greater risk. There are plenty of scammers and hackers out there desperate for your information, and they’re getting smarter by the day. If you’re not practicing safety measures online, it could come back to bite you.

Much less clutter

If you’ve ever struggled to find something because there’s too much paper lying about then a paperless society would probably suit you just fine. After all, it’s a lot easier to be organized with your documents when they’re stashed on your computer. You’ll never have to worry about losing anything important again. Plus, you’ll probably have a lot less clutter around your house or office because there’s no paper taking up space on your desk or in your draws.

Photo: BURST

Bad for your eyesight

It’s incredible and kind of scary just how many hours a day someone stares at a screen. If you work in an office, you’re typically looking at a computer for the best part of eight hours. However, most people don’t give their eyes a break after work, because they then proceed to spend the rest of the day staring at their phone or watching TV.

All that time focused on a screen isn’t good for your eyesight, and a paperless society will only make things worse. With no reason to ever look at paper again, you’ll just be spending more time with your eyes on a computer or something else with a screen. Inevitably, that’s just going to lead to more cases of headaches and people developing problems with their vision.

With the way that technology is advancing, the demand for paper is certainly going to keep declining. However, it’s probably best that we don’t become a completely paperless society given the potential risks it poses.