The benefits of taking a power nap in the middle of the day

Many of us can suffer from a middle of the day energy slump and feel the need for catching some z’s, even if we are at work. While it isn’t always appropriate to do so, there are some positive effects on your body for giving in to the power of the midday nap.

Napping improves memory and learning

People who regularly nap will find that their motor learning skills are greater following a nap. This works for both memory and learning new skills. Napping will help to clear your mind which helps to increase information retention, allowing your brain to remember new information much quicker and efficiently. If you are studying, it can be beneficial to have a quick nap during the day and then getting started on trying to take in as much information as possible straight after you have woken up.

The benefits of taking a power nap in the middle of the day

Improves alertness and fights exhaustion

As you become more tired during the day, you will start to notice that your attention begins to wane.
The effects of napping are comparable to having a coffee, as the energy gained is similar while the risk of having a bad night sleep is less than drinking a coffee. If you find you are getting tired during the middle part of the day, then a quick sleep will help to fight off that feeling for several hours. This will help to get you through the rest of the day with your levels of concentration higher than they would have been while also keeping exhaustion to a minimum.

Lowers risk of heart disease

Higher levels of stress brought on through working harder will result in more pressure being put on your heart. Over time the extra pressure can lead to developing heart disease, and a study done at Harvard found that taking a nap can reduce the chances of dying due to heart problems by up to 37%. High levels of fatigue are considered to be a contributing factor to cardiovascular problems, and napping allows our bodies to repair themselves. A study published in 2007 by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that men who take naps at work are 64% less likely to be at risk of heart disease.

The benefits of taking a power nap in the middle of the day

Napping tips

Make sure you only have a little rest, as sleeping for much longer than 30 minutes can mean you will wake up feeling groggy which is the opposite result you want when having a nap. Finding a comfortable place to sleep without any distractions will help you fall asleep much quicker, increasing the effectiveness of the swift snooze. The timing of your nap is important, and if you fall asleep too late in the day it could stop you from getting to sleep at a reasonable time in the evening, try to sleep at midday or directly after your lunch.

Napping can be a great way to keep your body running at a healthy level. Finding a spot to have a nap during the day on regular occasions will help to fight off the problems of heart disease as well as helping your mind be more alert and receptive to new information. If you can find a quiet spot to get in a 20-minute nap, your body will be thanking you in the long run.