The best beverages for increased efficiency

Most of us have struggled to find the energy to keep going while at work from time to time. Our levels of energy can dip, and we will struggle to remain focused on the task at hand. While we wish there was a magic wand to help us boost our energy, if we had a magic wand, boosting our energy wouldn’t be high on our list of things to do. These simple drinks can help you maintain a high level of efficiency throughout your day.


Coffee can be great to give you that instant boost to push you through until the end of your activity. The caffeine enters your bloodstream and quickly begins to stimulate your brain helping to boost your energy. Coffee can take as little as 10 minutes to have an impact on you and boost your activity and efficiency. It is important not to go overboard on the coffee though, if you drink too much then you will dehydrate yourself and give yourself a caffeine withdrawal. You’ll find you’re getting a headache more often and you will actually begin to feel tired despite the caffeine rushing through your system. Too much of the brown stuff can lead to insomnia and stopping from drinking it by the late afternoon is the ideal time to make sure you have a good sleep.

The best beverages for increased efficiency

Green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants which helps to stimulate blood flow which helps get oxygen to your brain quicker. Drinking green tea will help to make you work more effectively, and unlike other drinks, there is less of a noticeable drop in energy levels. While coffee is great to give you a boost in the short term, it is noticeable when the caffeine wears off. Drinking green tea will give you a slower and more steady boost which will keep at a constant level instead of the peaks and troughs coffee offers.


Water is a vital drink that helps us stay alive. While the human body can manage to go around three weeks without any food the same cannot be said for water. It is estimated humans can go without water for a maximum of three or four days. Our bodies are constantly losing water, so it is important to make sure we keep those level up high. Keeping well hydrated will massively increase your productivity as you will have more energy to keep doing those tasks.

Humans are made up of over 60% water, so we need the clear liquid to keep our body working the way it is meant to. If your water levels drop then so too can your blood volume which can be dangerous to your health. Water is slowly lost through the body throughout the day, and the more you lose, the harder your brain will find it to keep focused on what you are doing. It is recommended you try and drink at least 2 liters of water each and every day.

The best beverages for increased efficiency

Berry and flaxseed smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a healthy way to boost your energy. Adding dark berries and flax seeds to a smoothie will give you an instant boost. The berries are high in antioxidants while the seeds will provide you with a protein kick that will give you the energy and stamina to keep going throughout the day. Throw in some banana to your smoothie, and you will be giving your body a vital potassium boost that helps your heart beat, regulates your blood pressure and give your muscles the energy to contract.

There are simple ways to help boost your efficiency, and they can be consumed within a few seconds if you are thirsty enough. Some will take a little bit of preparation while others are some hot water away from being ready to drink. If you are struggling to maintain your efficiency levels, give some of these a go.