The best cities for millennials to live in

Finding somewhere to live can be hard if you’re a millennial looking to make your mark on the world. Many are flexible when it comes to work, meaning you’re able to find a job in the city you want to live in, rather than moving where the work is. With that in mind, we’ve looked up which places are best suited for millennials. Taking things like nightlife, employment, transport and equality into consideration, these are the best cities on offer.

London, England

The English capital ranks very highly for a variety of reasons. It’s an excellent location for millennials looking to start up their own business, and good public transport links make moving through the city quick and easy. London scores well on LGBT+ and gender equality, and its nightlife is pretty great too. The only real downside to the city is the price of housing, but most people prefer to live on the outskirts and commute into the center for work or other activities. As one of the best-known cities in the world, London is incredibly popular, but it’s also where you’ll find many people of a similar age.

Minneapolis, United States

If you’re a millennial looking to settle down somewhere in the States, Minneapolis might be the place for you. The city scores positively in terms of housing availability and living costs, as well as the frequency of jobs. It has excellent nightlife, and health in the area is booming, with many outdoor activities on offer. Commuting is also easily done through Minneapolis, allowing for millennial workers to make their way in and out of the city if they can’t find a place in the center.

Cambridge, United States

If not Minneapolis then perhaps Cambridge (the American city, not the British one). Although the cost of living is slightly more expensive here, renting is a lot more common. The city has even greater scores for health and fitness, commuting and nightlife, as well as a lower rate of crime. Cambridge is incredibly diverse, with most of its population having completed higher education. Any millennials who are hoping to start a family here will also be in good company. The city is exceptionally well-equipped for families and offers an amazing variety of public school for children of all ages.

Montreal, Canada

The Canadian city of Montreal is not one to be missed if you’re a millennial looking for somewhere with great job and housing availability. It has incredible diversity for people of all genders, ethnicities and orientations, and a good selection of nightlife options for those who work hard and play harder. Although public transport facilities aren’t as great in this city, Montreal is well-equipped for providing contraception and has incredible healthcare options.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is considered an amazing place to live for many reasons. The culture in the city is highly-regarded by many people around the world, which allows millennials to immerse themselves in something truly unique. Berlin has an amazing nightlife scene, boosted by the regular festivals throughout the city, and it’s incredibly supportive of equality too. Transport connections are great, food variety is diverse, and there are many opportunities to establish your own startup company. It also ranks decently regarding internet connection and living costs, so self-employed millennials can easily work from home.

There’s so much that we look for in where we live nowadays, but nowhere is perfect. We have to make compromises somewhere. While these cities have the odd downside, though, what they do offer to millennials is more than enough to give you a good life.