The best places to find a job

Are you looking for a job? You’re not alone. Whether you’re out of school, college or struggling to find your big break, there are thousands of people in your position. This time in your life can be incredibly demoralizing, especially if you’re having no success with applications. Getting a rejection feels like a punch to a gut, but every time you get knocked down you have to get back up again. There’s a job for you out there; you just need to make sure you’re applying in the right places.

Put yourself out there

“So tell me about yourself?” Is that not the worst question you’ve ever been asked? A lot of us hate to talk about ourselves, but it’s something you have to do if you want to get a job. If you can’t sell yourself, no employer’s going to buy you.

The best way to put yourself out there is to join a site like LinkedIn. It’s a social media platform, but unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s designed specifically for networking with other professionals. You can put all your résumé details in there and add a little bio about yourself to give off a good impression. You might be surprised by how many employers look to fill positions through this site. If you tick all the right boxes, you could find yourself getting an interview without even having to apply.

Go in and ask

Depending on what you’re applying for, finding a job could be as simple as going in somewhere and asking. If you have your résumé on you, it’ll be easy for you to give it straight to the manager. This is simpler with jobs in industries like retail, where vacancies are usually advertised in the store and managers are more readily accessible. However, if you’ve seen online that a company is hiring for a position you’re interested in, there’s no harm in going to their office and speaking to them in person. If nothing else, you’re showing enthusiasm to work. That’s an important thing to have in a job.

Sign up to an agency

Struggling to find a job? Get someone else to do it. The best way to get work can be to commit yourself to a job agency or two. If they’re able to find you work in your desired industry, then they can take some of the stress out of job hunting. Go into their office and discuss your preferences with one of their recruiters. This will help give them a better idea of who you are and what you’re best suited to. That way, the jobs they throw your way are more likely to be ones that you’ll enjoy doing, rather than something you have to force yourself to go to every morning.

Take the plunge

Not seeing any jobs that catch your eye? Try finding them before they exist. This isn’t necessarily the easiest form of job hunting, but it can end up being the most effective. Get in contact with companies that you’re interested in, or who have previously offered the kind of work you’re looking for. Send over your résumé and an email asking if they plan on hiring anytime soon. Even if the answer is no, quite a few companies will still hold onto your contact details for when something crops up in the future. After all, if your résumé has the kind of things they look for in an employee, you’ll be the first person they think of once a new position opens up. Why put out an advert when they already know of someone who could be perfect for the job?

When it comes to looking for work, it can be easy to hand out hundreds of résumés and still make no progress. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to put your name out there and get employers to take notice. That initiative could be what helps you land the job of your dreams.