Choosing the ideal pet

These days, having a pet is extremely common in many families, but with such a wide assortment of different kinds of pet animals, which one should you choose? We will take a look at each one of them, and see how they compare so you can make the best choice.


The most popular pet is dogs. Dogs contribute to their owners’ overall well being; their extremely bright attitude and unconditional love greatly aid in improving the mood of children and adults. They also give a boost to your physical health, since walking every day with them can be great exercise. Dogs are devoted, loyal, affectionate, and intelligent, and their owners may benefit from a stronger immune system as well. Overall, dogs are very active physically, love being outdoors and demand lots of attention and playtime.


In second place comes cats. Cats are usually more of an indoor type of pet, and are highly independent too, meaning that their requirements for maintenance are far lower than other types of pets. Also, depending on the breed, some cats require a larger amount of grooming and fur brushing. Another important point is that unlike dogs, cats are suited to using litter boxes indoors, and those should be cleaned frequently. Most important of all, whether you choose a male or female cat, your best option is a neutered cat.


Besides dogs and cats, fish are also very common pets, and the main advantages of getting this kind of pet include both decoration and practical purposes. At the same time that an aquarium makes your home decoration more attractive, it is also very easy to maintain. It simply requires adequate care to keep the aquarium clean and the water at a proper temperature, and you must feed the fish with pellets or flakes made specifically for them. However, keep in mind that freshwater breeds cost less money to maintain than saltwater breeds of fish.


Birds as pets are a huge hit as well. Cockatoos and parrots, for example, are chosen particularly because of the fact that they can imitate humans talking very well. It is very important to remember to clean their cages at least once a week, refill food and water bowls, and to provide them with toys that they can constantly chew. Their diet includes seed blends and pellets.


And of course, we can’t forget hamsters, which are especially popular with children. They usually live in easily recognizable cages, that always include a rolling wheel so they can run and a vertical water bottle. Hamsters’ food consists mostly of mixed muesli and pellets, but occasionally they can be given small amounts of the same fruits and vegetables consumed by humans. The exceptions are onions and fruits containing citrus, as those contain acid that can’t be processed properly by a hamster’s stomach.

With all that being said, choosing to have a pet is an important decision, after all. When children grow up with pets, they develop a sense of responsibility in taking care of them, and at the same time, boost their immunity levels and decrease their risk of allergies from animals.